What to Expect from Bible Courses in College

If you choose to attend a private Christian university like Azusa Pacific, you will likely be required to take Bible courses intended to give you a foundation of knowledge on scriptural principles. You might not know what to expect from these classes, or you may think they are just another you need to check off your list before you can graduate. Instead of seeing Bible courses as mere obligations, it helps to consider the knowledge you’ll glean and growth you’ll experience during these classes. For me, studying the Bible broadened my horizons and grew my faith in ways I never expected.

Learning to Ask Questions

Bible courses enable you to ask questions, both profound and simple, that foster growth in your thinking. Whether you grew up hearing biblical stories or are experiencing them for the first time, diving into Bible classes will make you realize you don’t know as much as you thought you did. The experience can be quite humbling, especially for those like me who grew up in the church. As you reframe the way you understand common biblical stories and concepts, your perspectives will expand and evolve.

Stepping Outside Your Major

The opportunity to blend what you learn in your major-specific classes with knowledge about the Bible creates a dynamic learning experience. As a double major in journalism and political science, my academic career at a different institution most likely wouldn’t have included Bible courses. While I was excited to jump into my major classes, I ended up loving many of my Bible courses just as much as, or even a bit more, than my major classes. These classes were among the most formative during my academic and faith journey in college. In combination, my major classes and Bible courses stretched my thinking in new ways, helping me break down assumptions I’ve held my whole life.

Support for Your Faith Journey

“You’re asking all of the right questions. Your faith is a lot stronger than you think it is.” These words from one of my biblical studies professors have stuck with me to this day. This professor became one of my greatest mentors and a major influence in my faith journey throughout college. Our conversations, and the Bible courses that accompanied them, have reminded me that it’s normal to experience both difficult and rejuvenating seasons of faith. He taught me that continually seeking better understanding is a sign of strength, not weakness, in your relationship with God.

Bible classes help us look beyond the surface-level knowledge we may have about scripture and the life of Jesus. For those new to studying the Bible, these courses are eye-opening and can help create a solid foundation for your faith. For those who’ve grown up immersed in the church, they teach us that the Bible is much more complex than we may realize. Wherever you are in your journey, Bible classes will encourage you to explore and strengthen your faith, while allowing room to learn, grow, and expand your ideas.