Samuel Girguis, PsyD


Director, PsyD Program, and Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical Psychology

Video Introduction

Samuel M. Girguis, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of child/adolescent trauma assessment/intervention. Prior to working at APU, Girguis was a clinical psychologist in the outpatient trauma treatment program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and worked with children, youth, and families experiencing child abuse, foster care, community violence, and homelessness. His current research interests include international trauma assessment/intervention and resilience/posttraumatic growth. Girguis has conducted research in Cambodia on the impact of vicarious trauma on caregivers working in a residential facility for child/adolescent survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. More recently, he led a team of trainers in culturally adapting evidence-based trauma therapy for use with children/adolescents who have experienced sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the Philippines. Girguis is now focused on refugee mental health and is conducting research focused on Syrian refugees in Lebanon. His research examines trauma and resilience among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon as well as vicarious trauma and coping among the Lebanese who are working to aid and support Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Academic Area

  • School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences


  • Child/Adolescent trauma and resilience
  • Treatment of trauma for children/adolescents who've experienced sex trafficking
  • Trauma and resilience in cross-cultural / international contexts
  • Refugee trauma and resilience
  • Mental health support for aid workers in the US and internationally