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Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act

Any victim of sexual misconduct may report the incident directly to the Office of Student Affairs, the Department of Campus Safety, the Office of Residence Life, or the Office of Campus Life. View the Title IX reporting procedures. These departments are required to notify the Department of Campus Safety that a sexual misconduct occurred. Incidents of sexual misconduct may also be reported to Spiritual Life or the University Counseling Center. These offices are not required to report any incident to any other department/person due to their exempt position as pastors and counselors.

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, Pub. L. No. 113-4 (VAWA 2013), enacted on March 7, 2013, improves and expands legal tools and grant programs addressing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. VAWA 2013 reauthorizes critical grant programs created by the original Violence Against Women Act and subsequent legislation, establishes new programs, and strengthens Federal laws. The effective date of grant-related changes in the Act is October 1, 2013.