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APU encourages those who have experienced any form of sex discrimination to report the incident promptly, to seek all available assistance, and to pursue University disciplinary proceedings and, where applicable, criminal prosecution. APU takes complaints very seriously and will work with complainants to ensure their safety as much as possible and to remedy the situation. APU encourages those who have experienced or witnessed sex discrimination to report these offenses to the Title IX Coordinator, one of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators, the Department of Campus Safety, or to another Responsible Employee.

Upon receiving a report from a complainant, a Responsible Employee should make every effort to ensure that the Complainant understands (i) the Responsible Employee’s duty to report the allegation, including the name of the Complainant and Respondent, and the relevant facts (date, time, and location of the incident, and the known circumstances) to the Title IX Coordinator; (ii) the Complainant’s option to request confidentiality, which the Title IX Coordinator or designee will consider; and (iii) the Complainant’s ability to share the information confidentially with counseling, advocacy, health, mental health, or sexual-assault-related services who are not required to report the incident without the consent of the Complainant.

In cases where a report is made by a third-party, the Complainant will be notified by the Title IX Coordinator that a report has been received. The Title IX Coordinator or the Coordinator’s designee will meet with the Complainant to discuss the Complainant’s options and resources available inside and outside the University.

The University encourages reporting of sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual violence in writing, but reports may also be made orally, and will be reviewed and may be investigated when reported in either form. Prompt reporting helps preserve evidence and aids the University in taking preventative measures where appropriate. Prompt reports of sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual violence will be thoroughly reviewed under the oversight of the Title IX Coordinator, and provided there is sufficient information will be thoroughly investigated. Complaints of sexual violence that are not promptly reported should still be reported and will be investigated under these procedures if possible.

In addition to reporting the allegations to the Title IX Coordinator, a Deputy Coordinator, or another Mandated Responsible Employee, the complainant may elect to report the allegations to the police. While the University may delay its own investigation for a short period of time to accommodate a police investigation, a police investigation does not replace the University’s obligation to conduct its own investigation under the oversight of the Title IX Coordinator.

Once the responsible individual has received a complaint, he/she will immediately inform the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator or designee will then review and, when appropriate, initiate the investigation.

Please refer to the “Sexual Harassment” Under Title IX, and Other Instances of Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF) for more information.

You can make a report with law enforcement, including:

On Campus

APU Campus Safety
(626) 815-5000

Off Campus

Azusa Police Department
(626) 812-3200

Glendora Police Department
(626) 914-8250

L.A. County Sheriff
(909) 599-1261

Regional Campuses
View the Regional Center Resources (PDF)

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