Azusa Scholarship Program

In 1998, Azusa City Council member1 and mayor pro-tem Joe Rocha approached Azusa Pacific University administrators and suggested the university establish a scholarship program aimed at attracting the best graduating seniors from Azusa and Gladstone high schools. The partnership between APU and Rocha resulted in the university launching the Nancy Moore/Celebrate Azusa Citizens Scholarship Program, which awards APU freshmen $5,000 scholarships. All recipients won accolades for their community-minded involvement and impressive academic records.

2011-12 Recipients

  • Seleni Alcantar
  • Emily Ayala
  • Linda Cornell
  • Maria Marin
  • Koral Valdez
  • Shasteen Velasquez

2010-11 Recipients

  • Marcela Aguilera
  • Adrianne Camacho
  • Analiese Camacho
  • Steven Mercato
  • Maira Nava
  • Lauren Ramirez
  • Sameer Sedam
  • Priscilla Ulloa
  • Stephanie Vasquez

2009-10 Recipients

  • Jenna Alvarado
  • Jessica Esparza
  • Luis Marin
  • Nathan Martinez
  • Marie Adelaide Millares
  • Ariana Paredes
  • Kimberly Rio

2008-09 Recipients

  • Christa Simpson
  • Sellika Velasquez
  • Cecilia Camarena

2007-08 Recipients

  • Florenz Asucan
  • Nathalie Martin del Campo
  • Jacob Scherf
  • Ahmed Sedam
  • Joshua Vergara
  • Kristina Wolford

2006-07 Recipients

  • Teresa Demara
  • Consuelo Machuca
  • Ever Valenciano

2005-06 Recipients

  • Ruby Carreon
  • Diana Perez Gutierrez
  • Josh Pollard
  • Naomi Spinella

2004-05 Recipients

  • Elizabeth Denny, Gladstone High School
  • Christopher Richards, Gladstone High School
  • Stephanie Roldan, Gladstone High School
  • Anna Simpson, Gladstone High School
  • Abigail Badillo

2003-04 Recipients

  • Valerie Arzate, Gladstone High School
  • Ilda Gaeta, Azusa High School
  • Andrea Garcia, Gladstone High School
  • Jessica Harris, Azusa High School
  • Timothy Wall, Gladstone High School

2002-03 Recipients

  • Caleb Badillo, Azusa High School
  • Elba Gomez, Azusa High School
  • Heather Mendoza, Gladstone High School
  • Kimberley Standley, Azusa High School
  • Trianne Castro, Azusa High School

2001-02 Recipients

  • Rosa Gaeta, Azusa High School
  • Monica Flores, Gladstone High School
  • Jessica Latier, Gladstone High School

2000-01 Recipients

  • Joseph Denny, Gladstone High School
  • Lidia Badillo, Azusa High School

In order to maintain the $5,000 renewable scholarships, recipients must maintain a 2.7 grade point average, take at least 12 units a semester, and devote 10 hours a week to community service.

If interested in applying for this scholarship program, please contact APU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) 825-5278.


  1. To learn more about the Azusa City Council visit
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