Our goal is to safeguard the health and wellness of our university community while providing our students with the unmatched transformational learning experience characteristic of an Azusa Pacific education.

Spring 2021 Semester Dates

Fall 2021 Semester Dates

  • Fall courses begin on Monday, August 30, 2021. View the fall academic calendar. APU is planning for an in-person fall semester in alignment with state and county guidelines and will provide updates as information becomes available.
  • The fall semester will end on Friday, December 17, 2021.

Course Availability

APU will provide remote learning in virtual modalities this spring, creating dynamic remote classroom environments with an emphasis on faculty/student interactions, a hallmark of an Azusa Pacific education. You will experience Christ-centered academic excellence supported by technology improvements to enhance teaching and learning. While the majority of students will take their courses remotely, a few students in specific majors preparing them for professions deemed essential by the state of California will still take some classes in-person, in alignment with state and county public health guidelines.

APU has substantial expertise in remote learning, with online academic programs offered regularly since 2000. In order to enrich your remote learning experience this fall, APU has made significant investments in up-to-date technologies and extended student educational support.

To elevate faculty/student engagement, all classrooms will be equipped with additional technologies, including cameras and microphones. Faculty are spending the summer preparing quality coursework for remote learning that reflects our institutional commitment to academic excellence. We prioritized classroom adaptations that mirror changes unfolding in today’s work settings. The ability to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the marketplace and technology are highly sought-after skills by employers.


For the few students who will take some required classes on campus, they will be supported by our comprehensive health and safety plan that incorporates county, state, and federal health agency directives. Cleaning and sanitation of buildings, classes, and public spaces in accordance with strict protocols and health and safety guidelines will be employed.

If you will be joining us in the spring for any in-person classes and have a condition that may put you at risk, we invite you to apply for accommodations. In addition, your professors will be informed that you may need instructional modifications or to miss class occasionally.

Options to reduce risk for those that are at an increased risk:

  • Online classes
  • Telemedicine visits
  • Reduced cost testing available through the Student Health Center

Please take the following steps to mitigate your risk:

  • Wear your face covering consistently when around others, especially when in enclosed spaces.
  • Wipe down your desk routinely before you use it.
  • Obtain the required flu shot and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Educational Equity

In partnership with Keith Hall, Ed.D., Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, and APU’s Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence and Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, student-centered practices are being cultivated and expanded for fall courses. All faculty are tasked with providing the most inclusive classroom experience possible.

Keeping You Informed

For APU students, the Office of the Provost will continue to provide direct communication regarding any future decisions that impact learning experiences. For all faculty and staff, the Provost’s Newsletter will likewise continue to provide weekly fall updates regarding academics.

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