Daniel Doorn, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Division of Teacher Education

Photo of Daniel Doorn, PhD


Daniel Doorn, PhD, is a professor emeritus of APU’s Division of Teacher Education. He has conducted ongoing collaborative research in student self-assessment of growth as readers and writers, children’s discoveries about the process and purpose of writing, and children’s development of nonfiction writing and reading. His community service and research-based study projects have involved the structure and implementation of a summer academic-enrichment writing camp for bilingual children. Doorn’s major long-term study involved ways of expanding and enriching homeschool literacy connections for language minority children and their families.


  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Education, University of New Mexico
  • MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh

Academic Area

  • School of Education


  • Elementary Education
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Literacy
  • Reading Assessment and Development
  • Writing Process Workshops