Don Lawrence, EdD

Professor Emeritus, School of Education

Photo of Don Lawrence, EdD


Don Lawrence, EdD, has served for 42 years in Christian higher education. The primary positions he has held are: Athletic Director (5 years at Nyack College), Chairman of the Physical Education Department (undergraduate, 1982-2001), Chairman of the Graduate Physical Education Department (1988-1995), Assistant Professor, Professor, Department of Physical Education, (1969 to present), Chairman and member of various university committees (1973-2001), collegiate basketball coach for 18 years, and collegiate soccer coach for 17 years. He designed and implemented the High Sierra Semester program in 2001, as well as directing the High Sierra Semester program from 2001-2005.


  • EdD, Brigham Young University
  • MEd, East Stroudsburg State College
  • BS, The King's College


  • First Aid and CPR certification, 2007

Academic Area

  • School of Education

Courses Taught

  • PE 108 – Fitness for Life: Walking/Jogging (F, S)
  • PE 240 – Health Education (F, S)
  • PE 251 – Methods of Teaching Contemporary Activities
  • PE 406 – Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport
  • PE 450 – Physical Education in Elementary Schools, K-6
  • PE 552 – History and Philosophy of Physical Education
  • PE 561 – Ethics in Physical Education and Athletics
  • PE 582 – Seminar in Professional Literature in Physical Education and Sport