Teacher in front of whiteboard

Faculty Evaluation System

FES is the system that all full-time faculty utilize to earn extended contract and rank promotion decisions. Developed through the process of faculty governance, and approved by the Faculty Senate in March 2012, FES uses a mixed model of data collection to determine if faculty are eligible to receive extended contracts or rank promotions.

The FES model requires faculty members to set performance goals in four primary areas of faculty work (teaching, scholarship, service, and faith integration). Additional goals may be set in professional development. At the end of each academic year, faculty meet with their supervisors and review how well they are progressing toward meeting their goals, resulting in a performance evaluation by the supervisor. After three or five years (depending on contract length) of this cycle, supervisors and deans will make a recommendation for an extended contract and/or rank promotion based on faculty achievement of goals and accomplishment of university requirements.

All full-time faculty must participate in FES, and faculty new to the university are required to earn a first, 3-year extended contract by their fifth year at APU. Administrative, part-time, and adjunct faculty do not participate in FES, although they may choose to use the goal setting and performance rating aspects of the system to aid in their growth and development.