Sneak Peak at Next Faculty Senate Meeting

Posted: February 7, 2012
Hello Senators,
Though you'll be receiving an email this Friday with the agenda and minutes for our February 15th meeting, I wanted to update you on a couple things that have occurred since we last held session.
  1. In response to the Faith Integration and resource conversation, I have asked Dr. Stephanie Juillerat, Executive Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment to join us on February 15th and update Senate on the Center and what has been developed and is available for faculty;
  2. We will be reviewing the Credit Hour definition that UGSC, MSC and DSC have diligently worked on and I have asked those council chairs to join us;
  3. Handbook Committee is diligently reviewing the handbook changes that have been submitted by the councils;
  4. Reminder that we have extended Senate meetings scheduled February 24th and March 9th. 
  5. The calendar is posted on the Faculty Senate webpage. Keep up to date anytime.
I look forward to seeing you next week,