Getting Started With Faith Integration

The following selections are a starting point regarding the essential concepts for understanding faith integration. They are one set of doorways that will lead the Christian academic to a wide array of useful materials.

  • Faith-Learning Integration: An Overview (PDF) by William Hasker
  • King, D. W., Glanzer, P. L., Hoekema, D. A., Pattengale, J. A., Ream, T. C., & Steen, T. P. (Eds.). (2011). Taking Every Thought Captive: Forty Years of the Christian Scholar's Review. Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian University Press. Buy it here!
  • Holmes, A.F. (1987). The Idea of a Christian College. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Buy it here!
  • Hughes, R. (2005). The Vocation of the Christian Scholar: How Christian Faith Can Sustain the Life of the Mind. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Buy it here!
  • Hughes, R.T. & Adrien, W.B. (Eds.). (1997). Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Success in the Twenty-First Century. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Buy it here!
  • Marsden, G. (1997). The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship. New York: Oxford University Press. Buy it here!

Recommended Readings

For additional recommended readings, see the Faith Integration Faculty Guidebook (PDF).

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