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University Policies

In order to create an institutional environment marked by God-honoring excellence, Azusa Pacific University expects all faculty and staff to familiarize themselves with current university policies.

As a resource that supports the communication of such policies, this site allows you to search for policies that affect you, your department, or your constituents. This listing is meant to be a supplement to existing policy publications, and should be used in accordance with other policy communications. View an alphabetical list of university-wide policies, and learn about our Community Folders and the policies housed elsewhere on the APU website.


University policies are subject to change at any time. Individuals with questions about a particular policy should contact the responsible department noted in that policy. The university will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of any crime of violence (as that term is defined in section 16 of title 18, United States Code), or a nonforcible sex offense, the report on the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the university against a student who is the alleged perpetrator of such crime or offense with respect to such crime or offense. If the alleged victim of such crime or offense is deceased as a result of such crime or offense, the next of kin of such victim shall be treated as the alleged victim for purposes of this paragraph.

For more information about the above university policies and procedures, please contact the issuing authority directly.

Community Folders (Internal Access Only)

Many policies are contained within official university handbooks, several of which can be viewed via APU Community Folders. Community Folders are accessible internally through Outlook (Windows) and Entourage (Mac OS). Here are some of the handbooks you can find in Community Folders:

  • Employee Handbook (located under Human Resources)
  • Faculty Handbook (located under Faculty Handbook)
  • Faculty Hiring Toolkit Manual (located under Provost)
  • Institutional Review Handbook: Human Subjects Research (located under GST Strategic Planning)
  • Supervisor’s Reference Guide (located under Human Resources)