Nursing faculty member smiling

Research Award

Purpose of the Award

Iota Sigma chapter provides financial assistance to members who are conducting investigations on phenomena relevant to nursing.

Criteria for Awarding Grants

  1. Applicants are required to:
    1. Be registered nurses with a current license.
    2. Be ready to start or have started the research project.
    3. Have submitted a complete research application.
    4. Have signed research agreement with Iota Sigma [See Research Grant Application Form (PDF)].
  2. The grant award will be based on the quality of the proposed research, the past performance and future promise of the applicant, and the applicant's research budget.
  3. The Chapter Board of Iota Sigma will recommend the grant award recipient.
    Note: Preference will be given to Iota Sigma members, other attributes being equal.

Grant Allocation

  1. Proposals should include a complete project budget specifying how the designated $700 award will be allocated.
  2. Duplicate funding is not permitted; however, dual or multiple sources of funding to make a larger study possible are permitted.
  3. The Research committee consists of three voting members: the research chair of Iota Sigma and two active members with earned doctorates and experience in research.
  4. Policies and procedures used in making the award are approved by the Iota Sigma Board members.
  5. The proposed deadline for the fall period is October 21.
  6. The proposed deadline for the spring period is February 28.

General Instructions for Applicant

  1. Send applications to the Iota Sigma Chapter by the listed due dates (October 21 or February 28).
  2. Submit electronically to [email protected] the following subsections: (1) application form, (2) proposal narrative, and (3) appendices.
  3. A final report is to be submitted to the Iota Sigma Chapter within three months after completion of the study. Theses or dissertations are not acceptable as final reports. (See guidelines for preparation of the final report.)
  4. Awardee is required to present the completed study at the next Southern California Joint Research Conference (Odyssey) or other STTI conference following completion of the study.