West Campus

Media Resources

Visiting as a Media Representative

Azusa Pacific University welcomes the opportunity to work with the news media. In order to ensure the privacy of our students, faculty, staff, and guests, news media must obtain permission from the university to gain access to the campus.

APU’s media relations team helps arrange visits, interviews, and photo opportunities. We strive to make your interaction with APU as efficient, well informed, and interesting as possible.

In order to provide you with the access and information you need, we request that you contact us one week prior to your visit. The sooner you contact us, the better access we can provide and the more we can enhance your visit. We understand that deadlines may be tight and will make every effort to work with you. This policy also applies to filming and photography requests. In addition, the media relations team can provide current photographs of the campus, faculty members, and staff via email.

The media is not allowed access to the campus (this includes residence halls and living areas, classrooms, chapels, labs, administration buildings, etc.) without prior permission. To request a visit or for more information, please contact Rachel White, executive director of strategic communication, at (626) 815-4502.

Members of the faculty and staff are free to respond to requests from the media regarding their research, scholarship, or professional expertise. However, we advise that you first contact the media relations team so that we can provide further background, current or more relevant contact information, and additional experts if your first choice is unavailable or if you are seeking a broader expert base. Since our expert directory is constantly updated and supplemented, the media relations team may be able to refer you to an expert who might better serve your needs.

Faculty, staff, and students at APU reserve the right to not speak with the media. To contact an expert or for more information, please contact Rachel White, executive director of strategic communication, at (626) 815-4502.

In the event of a major crisis at APU, the news media should Rachel White, executive director of strategic communication, at (626) 815-4502. For the safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests, the media must adhere to visitation guidelines. This will also ensure that media representatives can obtain up-to-date information, which will enable them to fulfill their assignments.

  • To protect the privacy rights of our students, faculty, staff, and guests.
  • To ensure that faculty permission be granted and uninvited visitors prohibited from entering their classrooms, labs, studios, offices, etc., and disrupting the learning environment.
  • To meet the expectations of undergraduates that their residence halls, dorm rooms, and dining and recreation areas are not available to the public.
  • To secure the right of students, faculty, staff, and guests to provide or deny prior permission before being filmed or photographed.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment even in the case of an emergency or crisis.
  • To expedite the media relations team’s ability to serve the media well by establishing contact with field representatives, facilitating the gathering of relevant information, and arranging contacts to achieve media goals.

Film/Photography Guidelines 

Thank you for expressing interest in the Azusa Pacific University campus as a possible filming/photography location. Permission from the Division of Strategic Communication and Engagement is required for all commercial filming activity, including photography or video.

Please contact Rachel White, executive director of strategic communication, at (626) 815-4502 or [email protected] for more information, or to request permission to film or photo shoot on campus.

All campus filming/photography shoots must adhere to the following:

Anyone wishing to film/photograph on campus for commercial purposes must submit a detailed description of the proposed project in writing, including:

  • Location(s) requested
  • Date(s) and time(s) of filming*
  • Number of people involved, including cast and crew
  • Type of activity to be filmed
  • List of equipment and vehicles to be used in connection with the project
  • Sizes, weight and composition of props and machinery to be used

This information and a synopsis of the script must be submitted to Rachel White at [email protected] for review at least 30 days before filming.

Photography and filming will be allowed at the sole discretion of the university and in any event only during times that are least likely to interfere with regular university business and activities. Requested locations must be inspected with a representative of the Division of Strategic Communication and Engagement before and after filming.

No mention is to be made of, or recognition given to, Azusa Pacific University unless specifically authorized.

* Shoots scheduled outside traditional business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) must conclude before 8 p.m. due to complexity of arranging personnel.

The university requires that all groups filming/photographing on the APU campus must complete and sign the university’s Location/Facility Use Contract, which outlines the details of the shoot, insurance requirements, costs, and other terms and conditions.

Groups filming/photographing on campus must have adequate insurance and provide a certificate of insurance coverage prior to arriving on campus.

A location fee is required to conduct commercial filming/photography on the APU campus, including all set-up and wrap activity. Location fees are due on or prior to the first day of activity.

Additional fees may also be required, including payment for APU Campus Safety officers and Division of Strategic Communication and Engagement representatives monitoring the shoot. The number of officers and/or monitors will be determined by the Division of Strategic Communication and Engagement in consultation with appropriate campus departments, based on the size and complexity of the shoot. Fees for electricity and/or water may also be required, depending on the needs of the crew and size of the shoot.

The university’s name, trademarks, logos and other indicia may not be filmed in any form without the written permission of the university. Permission also is required for the use of university-logo clothing, flags, pennants, etc.