Cultivating Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) exists as part of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) to promote a culture of teaching-learning excellence across the institution, coming alongside faculty and administration in support of continuous institutional improvement and student thriving.

In fulfilling its mission, OIRA provides services that cover all elements of curriculum design, pedagogical practices, annual assessment of student learning, program review, institutional research, survey administration, and statistical analysis.

Student Achievement Data

APU is committed to ensuring that all of our students succeed academically. To that end we constantly monitor achievement metrics such as retention and graduation rates. Data in the dashboards below provide five-year trends in the retention and graduation rates. In addition, we are able to display the extent to which our students are achieving key institutional learning outcomes.

Retention rate is defined as “the percentage of a school’s first-time, first-year undergraduate students who continue at that school the next year. For example, a student who studies full-time in the fall semester and keeps on studying in the program in the next fall semester is counted in this rate.” Graduation rate is the percentage of a school’s first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete their program within 150% of the published time for the program. For example, for a four-year degree program, entering students who complete within six years are counted as graduates.