Earn Your Degree Online from a Top Christian University

Azusa Pacific’s online degree programs combine the distinction of attending a leading Christian university with the flexibility of a dynamic online learning environment. Students complete their coursework when and where it works best for them—without sacrificing the comprehensive, relevant academics APU is known for.

With a variety of online programs in diverse areas of study, you can meet your educational goals, earn your degree, and advance your career. APU’s programs are designed to achieve the highest standards of online learning. Study alongside the same expert faculty who lead on-campus programs and gain access to a wealth of university resources. For many, the online format is the most convenient way to balance work, school, and family. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the online learning experience at APU.

Find Your Online Degree Program

  • Applied Psychology, B.A. (online)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology equips learners with professional knowledge and practical skills in general psychology integrated with a Christian worldview. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Applied Studies, B.A. (online)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies is specially designed for the adult learner who has significant college credit and is seeking to complete a degree for career advancement through an individualized learning experience. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Art Education, M.A. (online)

    The Master of Arts in Art Education program is a 30-hour low-residency degree for artists who love to teach. Designed for working professionals and busy educators who enjoy making and teaching art, students benefit from the convenience of online courses and two one-week summer intensive practicums at APU’s main campus in Azusa.

    Low Residency and Online only
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) (online)

    The 60-unit Associate of Arts (A.A.) program offers students a broad foundation in the liberal arts.

    Online only
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization (also online)

    The Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization offers candidates who hold a Mild/Moderate Disabilities Credential the option of an add-on teaching authorization in autism spectrum disorders.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    Designed for working professionals with at least 15 units of transferable college credit, the BBA degree completion program equips you with the leadership and analytical skills needed to lead change in today's business world. Relevant coursework and real-world projects guided by faculty with business experience allow you to immediately apply learning at work.

    This program offers the following areas of study: Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (online)

    The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) is a flexible, interdisciplinary program designed for learners who want a degree tailored to their own career goals. Students select courses from emphases and general electives that help them develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to prepare them for their unique career.

    Online only
  • Bridge to BSN

    Designed for Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) students preparing to enter their final year at a community college, the Bridge to BSN sequential enrollment option allows students to get an early start on coursework for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Following completion of the ADN, students transition to Azusa Pacific to complete their BSN.

  • Certificate in TEFL (on campus, online, and field-based)

    APU's Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate suits students who would like to receive the basic qualifications needed to teach in a multicultural setting.

  • Certificate in TESOL (on campus, online, and field-based)

    The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) gives post-baccalaureate students specialized skills in TESOL. The certificate is ideal for supplementing and enhancing traditional ministry (e.g., translation, literacy, and friendship evangelism) within multicultural or cross-cultural environments.

  • Certificate of Advanced Management (online)

    The 18-unit Certificate of Advanced Management provides learners with advanced skills and competencies to increase the efficiency and productivity of their respective business, ministry, or organization.

    Online only
  • Certificate of Business Principles (online)

    The 18-unit Certificate of Business Principles provides non-business professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to enter the field of business by offering economic, accounting, and quantitative business courses.

    Online only
  • Criminal Justice, B.S. (online)

    The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at University College equips learners with professional knowledge and practical skills in criminal justice while integrating a Christian worldview. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (also online)

    The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is designed to prepare nurses at the highest level of practice for the current, complex health care environment. An evidence-based clinical approach emphasizes the prevention, assessment, and treatment of complex health issues in the adult and elderly population.

  • Educational Leadership, M.A., and PASC or PASC Internship (also online)

    Combines the school administration master’s with the PASC credential to comprehensively prepare school administrators in multicultural settings. Emphasizes a strong Christian approach to leadership.

  • Educational Technology, M.A. (online)

    This program, conducted entirely online, empowers 21st century educators to infuse and implement technology into K-U teaching and learning classrooms and online learning communities.

    Online only
  • Health Sciences, A.S. (online)

    The 60-unit Associate of Science (A.S.) in Health Sciences program offers students a broad knowledge base for the major elements in health sciences integrated with a Christian worldview.

    Online only
  • Health Sciences, B.S. (online)

    The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences equips learners with professional knowledge and practical skills in the health science professions integrated with a Christian worldview. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Information Systems, B.S. (online)

    The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems equips learners for successful careers in information systems by providing a broad professional knowledge base alongside essential practical skills. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Leadership Minor (also online)

    The Leadership Minor encourages students to pursue excellence in their chosen major while also seeking proficiency as strengths-driven leaders. Students in the minor learn about whole-person development, leadership and virtue, the role of personal strengths and skills in leadership, and how to lead as agents of change.

  • Leadership and Organizational Studies, M.A. (also online)

    This program caters to working professionals seeking professional advancement or a leadership position. It is ideal for individuals who already possess professional skills, but who are in need of advanced leadership and organizational skills.

  • Leadership, B.A. (online)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership builds upon core management knowledge and seeks to synthesize leadership practice with organizational science theory, melding best practices with sound contemporary research. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Leadership, M.A. (also online)

    This interdisciplinary, intercultural, international program hones leadership skills through experiential study of organizational life and action research.

    This program offers the following areas of study: Executive Leadership, Leadership Development, and Sport Management.

    Azusa (main campus) and Online only
  • Liberal Studies, B.A. (also online)

    This program provides paraeducators and those seeking a career change with the subject-matter preparation necessary for elementary or K–12 special education school teachers.

  • M.A. in Music Entrepreneurship

    The Master of Arts in Music Entrepreneurship equips talented independent musicians and managers with the business acumen they need to thrive in the competitive, ever-changing music industry.

  • MSN in Healthcare Administration and Leadership (also online)

    APU's Master of Science in Nursing in Healthcare Administration and Leadership program is designed for registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing who are interested in pursing healthcare administration careers in myriad healthcare settings.

  • MSN in Nursing Education (also online)

    The master's in nursing education program provides comprehensive preparation to become a nurse educator. Using technology and teaching-learning methods taught by experienced nursing faculty, students develop the competencies and skills required to train the next generation of nursing professionals, leaders, and researchers.

  • Management, B.A. (online)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Management equips learners with the theoretical framework, practical skills, and ethical values essential for success as a Christian business professional. Choose from multiple emphasis areas to specialize in your field of interest.

    Online only
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (also online)

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program teaches working professionals the key concepts and skills, both analytical and relational, to be successful managers and leaders in business and society.

    This program offers the following areas of study: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Science, and Sport Management.

  • Master of Business Management (also online)

    Through the MBM program, students gain relevant business and leadership strategies without a financial emphasis. Hands-on learning enables students to implement management principles in the modern workplace, while learning to positively steer organizational change and create a culture of teamwork.

    This program offers the following areas of study: Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Development and Change, Organizational Science, and Sport Management.

  • Master of Public Health (MPH) (online)

    The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program is designed to provide learners with a foundation in the major elements of public health, including health services administration, project and program design, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, social and behavioral theory and application, and health care policy and law.

    Online only
  • Modern Art History, M.A. (online)

    APU's Online M.A. in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism is an innovative 24-month program that offers a specialized program in modernism while blending courses in contemporary theory and the practice of art criticism. The program cultivates expertise through a framework of aesthetic understanding and scholarly analysis.

    Online only
  • Organizational Leadership, B.S. (also online)

    This program is designed to be convenient and relevant for working professionals who wish to complete their bachelor's degree and prepare for leadership roles in a variety of profit and nonprofit organizations.

  • Physical Education, M.S. (also online)

    Prepares candidates to advance their careers, increase their marketability, and gain opportunities in a variety of positions connected to physical education, athletics, and exercise science.

    This program offers the following areas of study: Sport Management (also online).

    Azusa (main campus) and Online only
  • Pre-Nursing Health Science Certificate (online)

    The 16-unit certificate program offers students the opportunity to complete science and lab courses which are required by most nursing and health-related degree programs.

    Online only
  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or Internship Credential (PASC) (also online)

    This program allows candidates to complete their credential while filling an administrative position under university and district supervision, gaining leadership skills from an ethical approach.

  • Psychology, M.A. (online)

    The Master of Arts in Psychology emphasizes theory, research, and practice, providing students with the broadest range of education and experience to expand their academic and professional opportunities.

    This program offers the following areas of study: General Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Developmental Psychology.

    Online only
  • RN to BSN (also online)

    This accelerated program for registered nurses sharpens clinical skills and focuses on organizational, managerial, and communication abilities that lead to more thorough patient care and increased leadership responsibility. An online program is also available.

  • School Librarianship, M.A. (online)

    Offered in conjunction with the Teacher Librarian Services Credential, this degree develops school library and media specialists as educational leaders in their districts. Graduates are recognized as experts at the state level.

    Online only
  • Screenwriting, M.A.

    The master's in screenwriting program prepares writers with literary talent and strong motivation to tell substantive stories that point audiences toward truth and beauty, while exploring the dialogue between faith and cinematic arts.

  • Teacher Librarian Services Credential (online)

    Prepares experts in technology, literature, and diversity online to assist students in research, coordinate library programs for districts and counties, and supervise classified personnel.

    Online only
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, M.A. (on campus, online, and field-based)

    APU’s Master of Arts in TESOL provides comprehensive preparation in English language teaching for those seeking careers in U.S.-based institutions or schools around the world. Students develop a theoretical foundation along with practical preparation for diverse teaching scenarios and environments. The program is offered on-campus in Azusa, online, and in a field-based format.