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Investing time in your education now can help you move toward a meaningful future. APU’s online programs prepare you to lead in numerous fields that positively impact our world, such as nursing, psychology, education, communication, business, and the arts. In our vibrant, virtual learning community, you’ll experience a Christ-centered education and connect with expert professors and classmates who are passionate about making a difference. Just like students who study on APU’s campus, online students have access to a wealth of university resources to support your studies.

Whether you want to complete your bachelor’s degree or begin an online graduate program, start making progress on your goals and find your program today.

Financial Aid is Available

70% of graduate and professional students receive financial aid.

The Online Experience

More than 60,000 graduates are part of the Azusa Pacific alumni family, and our online degree programs mean an APU education is always accessible. For many, the online format is the most convenient way to balance school with other life commitments. Find out what an online education at APU can do for you.


Education on Your Schedule

By studying online, you can earn your degree or take classes on your schedule. The online platform allows you to complete coursework when and where it works best for you—without sacrificing academic quality. Get the training and preparation you need to advance in your chosen field while adapting coursework to fit into your life, not the other way around.

Faith Perspective on Your Life and Calling

Wherever you are on your life journey, you have an important role to play. Your online program at APU will encourage you to view your life and work through this lens, deepening your faith both personally and professionally. Benefit from an online support system that addresses not just your academic needs, but also your spiritual development.

Virtual Learning Community

Our dynamic online learning community is supported by Canvas, the hub of activity for all courses you take. In Canvas, you can connect with your professor, complete assignments, participate in discussions, and collaborate with classmates. The interactive experience isn’t limited by geography, so you’ll study alongside people from diverse backgrounds and regions, enriching the knowledge you gain in your classes.

Low-Residency Program Options

If you like the flexibility of online studies but also enjoy in-person learning, low-residency programs offer the best of both worlds. A number of APU graduate programs are available in a low-residency format that entails limited campus visits for intensive learning sessions, with the majority of the program completed online.

From Someday to Graduation Day

Discover your higher calling at Azusa Pacific and join a 125-year legacy of transformation. As an APU alum, you’ll make a difference in the world for Christ.

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