Successful implementation of Renewal will significantly advance the operations and mission of the institution, namely:

  • Christ-centered, inclusive academic excellence integrating faith and scholarship through research, teaching, and service in undergraduate and graduate programs, designed to help students engage society with virtue
  • Increased success in student retention, graduation rates, career preparation programs, and discipleship-based student affairs programming to promote quality of student thriving for diverse student learners
  • Academic programs and innovation designed to meet the needs of the workplace and reflect APU’s interdisciplinary commitment to influencing culture
  • Institutional advancement on issues of identity, equity, and justice
  • Faculty and staff committed to values-based commentary and resolution of society’s most difficult challenges, from science to social and spiritual issues
  • Investment in facilities, capital, technology and research infrastructure to support program growth and the quality of place
  • Improved access and affordability for students
  • Engaged and motivated faculty and staff who consider APU as a best place to work and study
  • Long-term sustainability through financial stewardship and robust philanthropy
Embracing Renewal
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