Animal Subjects (IACUC)

Azusa Pacific University fosters a growing and dynamic research and teaching environment committed to scientific and educational excellence. In compliance with federal policies concerning responsible care and use of animals in research and teaching, APU facilitates an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This committee ensures that APU’s animal care and use program meets or exceeds federal regulations. IACUC advances responsible and humane animal care by reducing the use of animal models, finding alternative methods, and employing techniques to promote the best possible animal welfare conditions.

Members of the IACUC are appointed by the institutional officer (research integrity officer) as delegated by the institution’s president. The IACUC has established policies and procedures that must be followed and that facilitate faculty who use laboratory animals in their research.

To report any concerns about the use and care of animals at APU, read our Reporting Procedures (PDF). For more information about the use and care of animals at APU, contact Martha Bellin at (626) 815-2036 or

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