Where the APU Cornerstones Connect: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service

Academic service-learning is a teaching and learning method that promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful community service experiences directly related to course content. Our approach focuses on:

Connecting theory to practice

  • Demonstrate competence in academic content and theory through practical application
  • Gain increased understanding of how academic content relates to “the real world”

Critical reflective thinking

  • Articulate connections between course content and service-learning experiences
  • Identify how service-learning affected your sense of personal efficacy, personal identity, spiritual development, understanding of diversity, and moral development

Personal and civic responsibility

  • Develop personal desire to contribute to the local, national, and/or global community
  • Evaluate how cultural competence and understanding of diversity are developed through informed and reciprocal interactions with others
  • Strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility

Faith integration

  • Explain the relevance of Christian faith through the application of learning
  • Articulate an integrated understanding of faith and learning in action

Relationship to planned vocation

  • Prepare for future employment by gaining practical experience and networking opportunities
  • Demonstrate skills that employers seek (e.g., communication skills, leadership, and problem solving)

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