Rebecca Roe, MFA, PhD

Professor Emerita, Department of Design

Photo of Rebecca Roe, MFA, PhD


Rebecca (Becky) Roe, MFA, PhD, brings to the classroom her experience as an accomplished, award-winning designer. Roe has invested in her APU students since 2003 by combining a theoretically focused MFA degree, a service-oriented design practice, and a natural ability to inspire students. She is also a contributor to nonprofit organizations such as World Vision, public broadcasting, and educational institutions, alongside running her own design business.

Roe developed the current APU graphic design program. Her curricular expertise coupled with her artistic vision set a strong course for developing an innovative Department of Design. Roe’s doctorate in intercultural studies led to research interests that include leadership options for creative women, teaching and learning practices in 21st century design education, and how identity and difference intersect in the context of wholeness. Roe applies these concepts in pursuing opportunities for diversity within design programming and providing initiative for imagining growth in the design field.

CASE—Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, Award of Excellence
Public Relations Club of Los Angeles, Design Award/Annual Report, World Vision
Advertising Club, Champaign-Urbana, IL
CASE District VII Conference Committee Designer
CASE District VII Bronze award

Exhibitions Group Shows:
Papers (presented to the WSSA [Western Social Sciences Association]) The Power of Looking: Iconic Influences in Asian Lifestyles, 2007
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: Examined from a western point of view; using the filter of a “pseudo-event of extravagant expectations,” 2008
Writing and Painting:Cultural Connections in China, 2009
East – West: Visual Arts in Perspective, 2010
A Brief Look at Modern/Postmodern Art in China, 2011
Cultural Identity among Japanese American Artists, 2012
The Relationship between Visual Culture and Propaganda, 2013


  • PhD, Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • MFA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • AB, Occidental College


  • California Single Subject Teaching Credential

Academic Area

  • School of Visual and Performing Arts (College of the Arts)


  • Curriculum development
  • Design for not for profit sectors
  • Signs and Symbols
  • Typography
  • Visual culture including intercultural awareness
  • Visual Storytelling

Courses Taught

  • DSGN 120 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • DSGN 221 - Production for Print Design
  • DSGN 281 - Graphic Design I
  • DSGN 385 - Graphic Design III
  • DSGN 446 - Graphic Design Processes
  • DSGN 450 - Portfolio
  • DSGN 475 - Design Internship
  • DSGN 481 - Graphic Design IV
  • DSGN 495 - Special Topics in Design