Ryan Izay


Adjunct Professor, Department of Cinematic Arts

Born and raised in Pasadena, CA with a successful character actor for a grandfather and an award-winning stage actor for a father, Ryan Izay had an early appreciation for the arts. An avid Charlie Chaplin fan by age 10, he created the foundation for a lifelong love affair with cinema, eventually leading to a career in film journalism. Beginning as a guest reviewer for ChristianAnswers.net, Izay earned a position as the Los Angeles representation for UK-based website, The Z Review. This position led to the title of associate editor with Real Movie News and the creation of its American ".com" counterpart. Izay has also pursued a modicum of success as a third generation actor, known best for his roles in independent films and as a supporting player in an internationally broadcast television series. When he isn't pursuing one of these careers, Izay fosters a variety of creative writing projects and enjoys tinkering with a photography hobby.


  • BA, Cinema and Broadcast Arts, Azusa Pacific University
  • MA, Film Studies, Chapman University

Academic Area

  • School of Visual and Performing Arts (College of the Arts)