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Writing 1 Lab

You’ll be writing a lot in college. Why not write with friends?

Writing 1 Lab (WRIT 120) is an optional 1-unit course that pairs perfectly with your first-year writing class (WRIT 110). You and your writing group of up to 5 other students will meet for 55 minutes weekly in a casual, interactive group workshop format with a writing instructor.

Who should take it? Who can benefit from this course?

You should consider enrolling in a Writing 1 Lab if:

  • You feel unprepared or apprehensive about college writing expectations.
  • You do not feel confident in your ability to write for multiple audiences, for multiple purposes, using multiple genres.
  • You often have trouble finding and using outside research to support a stated position in an academic paper.
  • You often struggle to write enough pages to fulfill your assignments.
  • You do not have strong time management skills.
  • You would benefit from intentional accountability and a designated time in your week to further your work on major writing assignments from your Writing 1 course.

Complete The Writing Class Placement Questionnaire for a personalized writing pathway recommendation to help determine whether the Writing 1 Lab is right for you.

What students have to say about Writing 1 Labs:

  • “I don't think writing is scary anymore.”
  • “I have learned to use my own unique voice.”
  • “This lab is a great class to have with Writing 1.”
  • “My new approach on writing is to always take a positive attitude and to look back on my class notes for support. From this class, I learned that failing at something doesn’t mean you can’t get back up and try again.”