Benefits of Adding a Business Microcredential

by Ashley Eneriz

In the fast-moving and highly competitive field of business, new graduates need to stand out to get ahead. Adding a business microcredential to your degree can enhance your business skills—and may help you differentiate yourself. In addition to the knowledge you can glean from a credential, it could offer a competitive advantage in obtaining jobs after graduation.

Sean Gallagher, author of The Future of University Credentials: New Developments at the Intersection of Higher Education and Hiring, shared on a Credly podcast that new graduates don’t necessarily have the job experience needed (aside from internships) compared to experienced professionals with a proven a track record. However, a business microcredential can bridge the gap between a new graduate and a seasoned professional.

“The value of education credentials has grown,” Gallagher noted. “Every step of the way throughout a career an educational credential, and particularly a microcredential, like a badge, can be a marker—a demonstration of the competencies and skills that you have.”

What Is a Microcredential?

A microcredential is a digital certification that indicates demonstrated competency in a specific skill or set of skills. These credentials can be earned simultaneously with an undergraduate or graduate degree. Then, you can showcase your newly acquired skills on your résumé as soon as you receive your microcredential badge. Azusa Pacific University’s School of Business and Management offers students the opportunity to earn microcredentials in a variety of areas, ranging from business analytics to intercultural competence.

Roxanne Helm-Stevens, DBA, interim dean and professor in APU’s School of Business and Management, explained that “microcredentials represent proficiency in a specific skill and therefore help employers identify job candidates who have the required skills.”

Adding Value and Experience to Your Business Degree

Earning a business degree is a significant accomplishment—so earning a microcredential can serve as the cherry on top. While working toward a specific microcredential, students can focus on their business niche and earn experience that can help their résumé stand out when applying for jobs and internships. In fact, both students and current working professionals can benefit from updating their skills through microcredentials.

Once obtained, microcredentials can also be shared with current and prospective employers digitally through approved badges on social media and online professional profiles. “Because microcredentials represent competency, employers can make strategic and informed hiring decisions,” Helm-Stevens said. “Employers are able to verify valuable skills and know the student will be an asset to their company.”

Which Microcredential Is Right for Me?

Azusa Pacific University’s microcredentials are integrated into business classes, making it easy for students to complete the required material to earn the badge while completing the course. This enables students to get ahead without getting burned out.

“APU’s School of Business and Management offers microcredentials in both technical and nontechnical areas, helping students to showcase hard and soft skill areas,” said Helm-Stevens.

Consider looking for microcredentials that will help you in your desired field. Here are the microcredentials you can earn at APU:

  • Business Analytics
  • CITI, Research Training Certification
  • Cross-Cultural Management in Today’s Workplace
  • Ethical Leadership
  • HootSuite Certificate, Digital Marketing
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Microsoft Certificate
  • Negotiation
  • Project Management

If you’re ready to add an extra professional edge to your degree, explore which microcredentials are right for you. As soon as you finish a course, add your credential to your résumé and profile to define your competitive edge with job and internship opportunities.

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