How Tutoring for College Students Sparks Success

As a parent, you want your college student to receive the support they need to succeed in their classes, including tutoring for subjects in which they may need additional assistance or encouragement. Yet even when college students understand the benefits of tutoring, many don’t reach out to connect with tutoring services. This might be due to shyness about meeting with someone they don’t know, embarrassment that their grades aren’t as strong as they would like, or fear they may do poorly in a class even with tutoring support.

But tutoring for college students can be the key to academic improvement. And it’s not just for students who are struggling!

Tutoring gives students an opportunity to discuss academic content and talk through their understanding of that content with another person. Yes, it can help students boost their grade, but more importantly, tutoring assists with assignment comprehension and knowledge retention. Here’s what to know about the opportunities tutoring can provide during the college years.

Tutoring Can Help Improve Academic Success

Research from the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations showed that students who receive support have higher grade point averages and are more likely to stay in school. The study also found that with academic assistance, students are more likely to persist and succeed in college.

Students get a dual benefit from tutoring. They can focus on better understanding the subject matter through tutoring sessions—and these benefits carry over. When students are studying on their own, they can focus and stay organized more effectively because they have someone holding them accountable.

Through one-on-one tutoring, students are also encouraged to think deeply about what they understand and how they learn best. A tutor will likely ask, “What would you like to accomplish today?” Students learn to identify and articulate what they want to review or where they need help.

Students might think they don’t have time for tutoring—that they would be better off studying on their own. But tutoring can help them master their coursework, so it’s worth the investment in time and effort.

3 Reasons Students Should Take Advantage of Tutoring

Tutors can help students master the fundamentals of their coursework, so they have a solid foundation when the subject matter gets more complex. Here are three key ways tutoring can help:

  1. Improved performance. Working with a tutor offers additional individualized learning to support the classroom experience. It can also help students improve their grades on assignments.
  2. Enhanced organization. A tutor can help your student stay on track with scheduling and completing assignments.
  3. Comfort and confidence. Students who might not ask a question in class may feel more comfortable asking questions with a tutor.

How Students Can Connect with Tutoring

Azusa Pacific University is committed to helping its students thrive and succeed academically. The Tutoring Center at APU is a key part of that commitment. The Tutoring Center offers different types of tutoring for college students, including:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring support
  • Weekly group study sessions with peer leaders
  • Supplemental instruction for traditionally difficult classes

Students can meet with a tutor up to two times per week. And students who have note-taking accommodations can use Otter, a note-taking service that records and transcribes live conversations.

APU offers tutoring for a range of courses, from biology to psychology to music. To find out if a subject is available for tutoring, visit the Tutoring Center’s list of available courses. If a course isn’t on the list, your student can request tutoring. The Tutoring Center staff will do their best to match your student with a tutor. Additionally, students can schedule a tutoring appointment online or email [email protected] and let them know which subjects they would like help with.

“All students can benefit from tutoring! Successful students engage others in their learning and seek help when they need it,” said Beth Rivas, interim director for the Tutoring Center.

The university’s Writing Center also offers tutoring for writing and students can make an appointment online, noted Ana Quiroz, a coordinator in the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources. The Writing Center even includes a Speaking Center, where students can get tips on how to give a presentation. “You can apply at any point that you’re in classes,” Quiroz said. “Being proactive is key. If you’re interested in receiving assistance in a certain area, start the process.”

Students with disabilities can connect with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources for academic coaching in study skills, organization, scheduling, communication, self-advocacy, note-taking, and managing college-level courses. Academic coaching is available online and via phone during remote learning seasons.

Is your student ready to shine? Help them take their academic success to the next level with tutoring at APU.