Tips to Help You Successfully Transfer Colleges

by Allison Oster

Many students transfer from a community college to a four-year university, while others discover the college they’re at may not be the best fit and it’s time for a change. Whatever path you take, it’s important to transfer colleges well so you can stay on track with your education and graduation goals.

Yes, we know the transfer process can seem daunting and confusing at times, so we want to help smooth the gaps, get answers to your questions, and ultimately, help make the transition easier for you. Whether you’re still deciding if you want to transfer or are ready to take the next step, the following resources can help.

Questions to Ask Before Transferring

Should I stay or should I go? What do I need to know before I transfer? Knowing what you’re looking for and identifying your personal expectations are the first steps when making the decision to transfer and deciding which school is best for you.

Find Out Your Financial Aid Options

In addition to getting a quality education experience, we know you’re looking at the affordability factor. Higher education is an important investment! Each year, more than 600 students transfer to Azusa Pacific University, and many of them receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships. Yes, we have scholarships for transfers (up to $21,000, in fact)!

Take Steps to Ensure You Can Graduate on Time

Transferring shouldn’t put you behind, and it’s essential to pay attention to the details, ask questions, and make sure the college you choose can help you stay on track to graduate on time. The good news: schools like Azusa Pacific have greater class availability so you can get the courses you need. Plus, added benefits—like small classes where you get to know your professors, and they get to know you—mean you’ll receive additional support in your transition.

Take Advantage of Everything Your School Has to Offer

The process doesn’t stop once you get in. APU offers many transfer resources to help as you join a new community and find ways to get connected and involved. Hear from a transfer student and her advice for future transfers in the article below.

If you have additional questions about the transfer process, or what it takes to transfer to APU, contact our admissions team at [email protected] or (626) 812-3016.

Allison Oster ’01, M.A. ’05, is the senior editorial director in the Office of University Relations.