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Each year, students have the opportunity to join different clubs and organizations and create relationships formed through common interests. Below is a list of undergraduate and graduate/professional clubs and organizations APU offers through the Office of Campus Life and the Student Services Center: Graduate and Professional Student Engagement, respectively.

Interested in joining a club, creating one, or bringing one back? Email for more information.

Undergraduate Clubs

Performing Arts Clubs

Azusa Pacific Dance Team

The Azusa Pacific Dance Team is a competitive and performance spirit team for Azusa Pacific University. Performances include football and basketball halftimes, and other school-related events. Competitive team members will compete at collegiate dance competitions at a Division II/III level.
Azusa Pacific Dance Team (Instagram)
Azusa Pacific Dance Team (YouTube)

The Marquee

The Marquee is a theater club on campus that is open to ALL students regardless of major. Our mission is always to spread the arts and allow this club to be a judgement free, and safe space for students to create art. This year, we are planning on producing at least three shows, some are readings of plays and some are musical cabarets! Looking forward to hearing from you and creating some amazing art this Fall! As this fall is virtual, our rehearsals and productions will all take place on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and/or Youtube. Everything will be in the comfort of your own homes, to follow social distancing guidelines.
The Marquee (Instagram)

UMOJA (Step Team)

Azusa Pacific’s step ministry team aims to inspire female and male students to spread the word of God through movement and rhythm. Because Umoja in Swahili means “unity,” the sisters and brothers of Umoja believe that we are more than a group—we are a lifelong family made up of individuals with a purpose. Join us and add more meaning to your college experience. All genders, races, and ethnicities welcome.
UMOJA (Instagram)

Variety for One (VFO)

We are the hip hop ministry team on campus! We perform all around Azusa and our APU campus, we host workshops for the APU community and host an annual showcase every semester of our routines. We would like to stress that we are not exclusively a hip hop team! We welcome all styles of dance and all ranges of dance experience. You do not even have to have previous training to be on our team or our workshops (which are completely free!). We will have open practice "workshops", which will be open to absolutely anyone. The links for those will be sent to our email list and in our Instagram Bio! We will be reopening our auditions for anyone who is interested in joining. Please email us for the application or check the link in our Instagram Bio!

Zukeepers Improv Club

With both a longform and shortform improv team, APU’s very own improv team explores various forms of improv and focuses heavily on relationships with one another. This allows us to establish trust, confidence, and what we call a “group mind” so when we perform at APU, we can have a blast and ensure everyone in the audience is too!
Zukeepers Improv Club (Facebook)

Social Clubs

After Effect

The After Effect is a student-led organization opening up the conversation about pornography. This is a conversation for EVERYONE. Porn is not a one-gendered issue; this topic includes both men and women. This also means that you are not confessing anything by virtue of participation; whether you are involved with porn or not, you are included in this conversation. In spreading awareness about the realities of pornography, we can have more educated conversations about a topic that's been kept in the dark for far too long. Anyone is welcome to come in and stop by, anytime! Watch our video or visit the After Effect website for more information.
The After Effect (Instagram)

Evangelical-LDS Dialogue Club

We are a group of Evangelical Christians who engage in interfaith dialogue with Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and believe that the differences between Evangelical Christians and Latter-Day Saints are worth exploring. In our weekly club meetings, we learn about the Christian faith, the LDS faith, and the relationship that these two traditions have with one another. In addition to weekly meetings, our club hosts monthly dialogues with members of the LDS community. If you are curious about the LDS faith, learn how to engage Latter-Day Saints in interfaith dialogue, or learn about the historical Christian faith and tradition, this is the right place for you! Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of faith background! We will be hosting Zoom meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm PST starting Sept. 22, come check us out! Watch this video to hear what our group is all about!
Evangelical-LDS Dialogue Club (Instagram)

Seton Catholic Ministry

At Seton Catholic Ministry, we strive to provide community and support for all Catholic students at APU, to proclaim God's passion for justice and freedom, and to behold the glory of God. Though our mission includes providing community and support for Catholic students at APU, our events are open to all APU students.
Seton Catholic Ministry (Instagram)

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club began in 2019 with the goal of empowering the APU community to better advocate for the protection, honor, and care of the Lord’s creatures and earthly resources as was commanded in Genesis through education, training, and service. Times are crazy right now, we are seeing the effects of climate change present day! This club is a way to connect with others on how to make an individual difference to living sustainably, that has the potential for a lasting impact on our earth. This year we are adapting to being online by maintaining connections through Google Meetings, guest speakers, email updates, and personal goals for club members to do locally! Looking to get involved in our club? Check out our club email and Instagram for more updates!
Sustainability Club (Instagram)

Veterans Club

APU’s Veterans Club provides a built-in support network for veterans and servicemembers transitioning into academic life. The club offers a number of benefits, including social meetings and community service opportunities.
Veterans Club (Facebook)
Veterans Club (Twitter)

Service Clubs

Boundless Brilliance

Boundless Brilliance is a non-profit that seeks to empower students to embrace their brilliance and realize a future of STEM leadership that is as diverse as the world we live in. There are three divisions that you can choose from: Development, Outreach, and Presentations. In Development you are able to organize fundraisers, keep track of research materials from presentations, and design flyers or social media posts. Outreach contacts schools, excites them about the mission of Boundless Brilliance, schedules presentations, and maintains a positive relationship with the schools! Our presentation team focuses on going to elementary schools and providing them with free STEM experiments and empowering activities. This semester the presentations will be presented virtually through Zoom. No matter what your background or major are, you are more than welcome to join us! Find more information and discover what makes us so great in what we do in our information pack!
Bounless Brilliance (Instagram)

Club Social Work

Our purpose is to connect social work students with each other, faculty and the surrounding community through meetings, events, and outreach days to promote the profession of social work and the importance of social justice. Although our events target social work students, anyone is welcome to join our club. We will be hosting Zoom meetings for anyone that is interested. Watch this video to see what we are all about!
Club Social Work (Facebook)
Club Social Work (Instagram)

The Dream Project

The Dream Project is a group of college students committed to bringing joy and love to children in our community by dressing up as various characters and visiting hospitals or service organizations.
The Dream Project (Facebook)
The Dream Project (Instagram)

Enactus Student Club

Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic, and business leaders through entrepreneurial projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement entrepreneurial projects around the globe. The experience transforms lives, and it helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential to leadership in an ever-more-complicated and challenging world.

For more information, visit the Enactus Student Club website.

Epilepsy and Seizure Awareness Club

This club aims to raise awareness in the APU community about various kinds of seizures and what can be done in the presence of someone having a seizure. Through fundraising, campus wide campaigns, and other events, we also hope to raise funds for organizations conducting research to help improve the lives of those affected by seizures.

Free the Captives

Free the Captives is a student-led club fighting for local and global freedom by informing minds, empowering hearts, and taking a stand for those who can’t. As a chapter of Dressember, we equip individuals to advocate for the dignity of all people.
Free the Captives (Facebook)
Free the Captives (Instagram)

Academic Clubs

Allies for Change

Allies for Change supports Sociology students, and provides education on social issues and allyship opportunities. This fall we will be having a documentary viewing night, guest speakers at our meetings, community outreach, and empowering one another during this time. Even if you are not a Sociology student, you can still join the club! We exist to support anyone who wants to be a better ally and create change. We meet on Monday nights at 5:30 pm on Google Hangouts, email us for more information.
Allies for Change (Instagram)

Future Allied Health Leaders Association

FAHLA is a club that brings together like minded students who are interested in pursuing a career as a PA, NP, PT, AT, or OT. We are an interactive and informational club that has healthcare professionals, graduate students, and hands-on activities that help students get prepared for grad school, and gain knowledge about a variety of medical fields. FAHLA is a welcoming community for everyone that strives to prepare students for their future careers. FAHLA is here to create a community that not only cares about the knowledge of healthcare, but cares about each individual as we take on the challenge together to be in a health career field. We are planning on having zoom meets once a month on Thursday evenings. We will also be posting a poll soon on our Instagram for what times and days work better for students to get a more accurate meeting time. o join our club, you need to attend at least 3 meetings a semester and email us your information at, then we will send out monthly reminders about events upcoming.
Future Allied Health Leaders Association (Instagram)

National Association for Music Education

Azusa Pacific University’s NAfME chapter develops the character of its members through integration of leadership, service, connection, and fellowship into our music education program. By augmenting our curriculum, we strive to provide music education majors with the knowledge and preparation to form collegial relationships both in and outside of the classroom. We aim to create a welcoming environment where members are given ample information on learning opportunities as well as outreach events. With these foundations, we provide rising professionals with the appropriate tools to change the face of music education for the next generation of musicians.
APU NAfME Chapter (Website)
APU NAfME Chapter (Instagram)
APU NAfME Chapter (Facebook)

Oui Je Parle Francais (French Club)

Oui Je Parle Francais is a club that fosters French community on- campus. We are passionate about French culture and love to share that with others. Throughout the semester we learn about various francophone countries, speak French, watch French films, and engage with French news. All are welcome to join no matter your level of French!
Oui Je Parle Francais (Instagram)

Pre-Law Society

The APU Pre-Law Society is a group of students who are passionate about legal studies and the preparation for law school. We invite students from all majors who have an interest in law school and/or legal studies to join us in support of one another on- campus, and creating an environment to prepare for LSAT studying, law school admission, social and legal issues, networking and creating a community to lift up our peers. We will be hosting bi-weekly via Zoom meetings, so come and check us out! We will be having a panel event concerning social justice in the legal/criminal justice world in recent events. We would love your support!

Scholars for Business Achievement

A business club hosted by School of Business and Management, Scholars for Business Achievement (SBA) is a student professional development club with leadership and team roles that assist in leading students in events such as workshops (interview skills, résumé building, LinkedIn branding, networking skills, etc.), speaker events (hearing from professionals in all aspects of the business world), and peer-to-peer mentoring (meeting with fellow students who have some experience in the program) to learn more about what it will take to be successful as a student and in a future career.

For more information, visit the Scholars for Business Achievement website.

Society for Human Resources Management

The APU student chapter of SHRM is committed to the development of human resources (HR) professionals through unique, extensive professional and educational resources. The student chapter of SHRM offers students not only the ability and opportunity to connect with other HR professionals and experts in California and around the world but also a community of further HR knowledge, career opportunities, practice, and scholarship!

Society for Human Resources Management

Society of Women Engineers

SWE (Society of Women Engineers) has a three-part mission to empower women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, to expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and to demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion. SWE invites students of all genders and areas of study who support this mission to join us for community-building events, outreach to support younger STEM students, and professional development opportunities.

Student Investment Club (SIC)

As a business club hosted by Azusa Pacific University's School of Business and Management and lead by a faculty advisor and a board of finance professionals, the Student Investment Club (SIC) is designed to be the practical application of classroom knowledge. Students are engaged to manage a portion of the university endowment through fundamental valuation. SIC provides students with hands-on security analysis and investment opportunities through activities including the Student Investment Fund (SIF) management, the Annual Stock Investment Contest (ASIC), and the SIC Speaker Series.

Student Investment Fund

Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (SNAP)

The Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (SNAP) University is committed to developing professional nurse leaders and fostering community among the university and School of Nursing students, faculty, and staff.
Student Nurses of Azusa Pacific (Instagram)

Honor Societies

Accounting Honors Societies (AHS)

As a business club hosted by Azusa Pacific University's Leung School of Accounting (LSA), the Accounting Honor Society (AHS) seeks to broaden students' professional knowledge and networks. AHS brings in accounting professionals to elaborate on market trends so that students have a continuous stream of fresh and relevant knowledge from a diverse range of sectors, positions, and experience levels. AHS hosts events that bring together accounting majors so that all students can gain exposure to one another in an effort to foster a sense of community and mutual assistance. AHS also seeks to maintain alumni relations to galvanize accounting students to pursue success.

Accounting Honors Societies (AHS)

Alpha Epsilon Delta (Health Preprofessional Honor Society)

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national health preprofessional honor society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in preprofessional health scholarship. Our society welcomes all students engaged in the pursuit of any healthcare profession, provides a forum for students with common interests, provides opportunities such as scholarships, and extends a program of service to benefit students and our community.
Alpha Epsilon Delta (Instagram)

Kappa Iota Nu (Kinesiology Honors Society)

Kappa Iota Nu (KIN) is the Kinesiology Department's sole honor society. KIN seeks to recognize and build community around the department's top-performing students. This club provides a variety of opportunities to support a student's academic journey through membership perks such as, access to speakers, study aids, community with like-minded students, and kinesiology based service projects. We are still active during this period of remote learning and are excited to serve our members and community in whatever capacity we can. We will be hosting our meeting in Zoom for anyone who is interested in KIN can just drop in, check out our video for more information!
Kappa Iota Nu (Instagram)

National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the nation’s largest leadership honor society where students are selected for membership based on academic standing or leadership potential. The society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation on their campus or online, scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance, and much more. For more information about APU’s chapter, Sigma Alpha Pi, visit the APU NSLS website.

Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society

The entrepreneurship honor society, Sigma Nu Tau is a collegiate honor society recognizing undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and entrepreneurs who have excelled in the study of entrepreneurship or who are exemplary models of principled entrepreneurship. Sigma Nu Tau offers students the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work, achievements, and dedication to their entrepreneurial studies, and provides its members with leadership experiences at chapter and national levels. The society’s mission is to promote, recognize, honor, and reward academic excellence in entrepreneurship and encourage and recognize the practice of principled entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit the Sigma Nu Tau website.

Sigma Iota Epsilon, Beta Alpha Chapter

Sigma Iota Epsilon is the premier fraternal management organization in the United States. APU extends individual membership to students who demonstrate high academic standing in the field of management, connecting SIE’s mission with APU’s Four Cornerstones in developing holistic and dynamic professionals in the business world. SIE programs bridge the gap between theory and practice and prepare students to enter the management field and advance as leaders. SIE student members are recognized as being top achievers academically, professionally, and socially. In addition to recognition for academic achievements, membership in Sigma Iota Epsilon allows participation in networking activities, scholarship opportunities, national conference opportunities, and recognition banquets.

Sigma Iota Epsilon, Beta Alpha Chapter

Athletic Clubs

APU Rugby

APU Rugby exists to enhance the mission of Azusa Pacific University and honor Christ by utilize sports as the conduit for spiritual, educational, social and athletic growth whilst encouraging us to maximize all our gifts and pursue a lifetime of competitive Christ-like attitudes, sportsmanship, speech, and actions.

Club Golf

Club Golf is for those new to the game, seasoned veterans, and anyone in between. Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment for those of varying skill levels to learn about and enjoy the game of golf. We meet every other Saturday at golf courses nearby APU.

APU Club Golf (Instagram)

Men’s Club Volleyball

We are a competitive team that participates in tournaments against other club teams in the area. We also play in a national tournament every year where we travel to places like Denver, Kansas City,CO, and, MO. If you are a committed player with some volleyball experience, come join our club! We are currently not hosting any meetings. Once school goes back to normal, we typically practice twice per week for about 2 hours each day. Any student can just drop in to our practices. We hope to see you all there!

Women’s Club Volleyball

We are a group of girls who love to play and compete in volleyball. We are part of a competitive league where we play other D2 club teams such as, SDSU, UCSB, CPP, and many more. We also compete in the National Championships for club volleyball in April. In 2019 we placed 9th in the Gold division! We typically hold open gyms and tryouts at the beginning of each semester! Even though we cannot meet in person this Fall, we look forward to meeting everyone online, and hopefully get back on the volleyball court in the Spring for tryouts! Interested in joining our club, check out our video for more information.
Women’s Club Volleyball (Instagram)

Women’s Club Soccer

We are just women who enjoy and love playing soccer without the full commitment of varsity. We still are competitive and play against other universities in California. We also have team bonding events, do amazing fundraising activities, and have practices. Come and kick the ball around with us! If you are interested in joining and getting involved, please email us in our club’s email for more information.
Women's Club Soccer (Instagram)

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures (OA) gives students opportunities to engage in outdoor activities—day trips, weekend trips, and special events that include rock climbing, backpacking, bike tours, kayaking, canyoneering, geocaching, or canoeing. OA also offers environmental education, helps build communities of rest, freedom, and empowerment, and shines light on the beautiful world that God created. No experience or ability is necessary for any of our trips. Transportation, food, equipment, and instructional leaders are provided. Through these adventures, the OA staff hope each participant finds a tangible example of God’s goodness and love.

Graduate and Professional Clubs

APU Orange County School Counselor Association

The mission of the APU Orange County School Counselor Association shall be to “enrich ourselves with meaningful endeavors in professional and personal development in order to better serve our communities as professional school counselors.”

Black Doctoral Student Association (BDSA) in Higher Education

Azusa Pacific University’s Black Doctoral Student Association (BDSA) in Higher Education exists to foster a supportive environment for doctoral students that promotes holistic development and creates opportunity for upward mobility that will empower students to achieve academically. The BDSA is for individuals of Black or African descent who are holders of or scholars engaged in the pursuit of doctoral degrees from Azusa Pacific University.

Child Life Student Organization

The Child Life Student Organization is an organization for students pursuing the child life profession. The organization’s purpose is to increase the understanding of the child life profession and prepare and educate students aiming to become Certified Child Life Specialists through educational workshops.

Sigma Iota Epsilon, Theta Kappa Chapter

Sigma Iota Epsilon is the premiere fraternal organization in management in the United States. APU extends individual membership to students who demonstrate high academic standing in the field of management, connecting SIE’s mission with APU’s Four Cornerstones in developing holistic and dynamic professionals in the business world. SIE programs bridge the gap between theory and practice and prepare students to enter the management field and advance as leaders. SIE student members are recognized as being top achievers—academically, professionally, and socially. In addition to recognition for academic achievements, membership in Sigma Iota Epsilon allows participation in networking activities, scholarship opportunities, national conference opportunities, and recognition banquets.

For more information, visit the Sigma Iota Epsilon website.

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