Students praying together


Victory! (Winter): APU clinches an unprecedented two NAIA championship titles in football and women’s soccer in fierce races. Basketball made it to the NAIA Final Four.

21st Century Library (February 5): The dedication of the $8 million Hugh and Hazel Darling Library, adjoining facilities, bookstore, and food court occurs. The library received the coveted Outstanding Design Award from the American Schools and Universities magazine during its 1999 Educational Interiors Showcase program, honoring design excellence in educational interiors. The library comprises the Stamps Rotunda, providing a traditional environment, and the Ahmanson Integrated Technology Center, featuring 75 workstations for researching more than 100 licensed electronic resources. Instructional technology and media services are housed in the Fletcher Jones Center, technological resources are located in the Ahmanson Information Technology Center, learning and training programs can be accessed through the Berger Technology Training Center, and achievements of university scholars and cultural diversity are showcased in the Evangelize China Fellowship, Inc. Academic Hall of Fame.

Student Scholars (March): The first 10 Centennial Scholarship recipients are named. This three-year program provides $5,000 scholarships to juniors for use in their senior year of the university’s 100th birthday.

Centered (March 13 and 31): Although APU has offered classes off campus for more than two decades, establishment of regional campuses marked a more permanent commitment. With the opening of Ventura and San Diego respectively, the total number of regional campuses reaches six.

In the Gap (Spring): The second center of excellence opens. The Center for Research in Science (CRIS) bridges the gap between the disciplines of science and religion and encourages dialog on subjects relevant to both fields. In July, APU hosts CRIS’ Space-Time Workshop, which draws international scholars to the campus.

A World of Impact (May): Global Leadership, a special educational delivery system, celebrates 25 years of bringing graduate education to the mission field. The program consists of two-week, on-site intensives, followed by year-long study projects contracted for up to four courses.

A Record Gift (August): The $20 million comprehensive campaign, Going Beyond, concludes with a $3 million gift from the Henry L. Guenther Foundation, the single largest individual gift in school history.

The Liberal Arts Examined (August): Nineteen APU faculty members analyze various issues related to the liberal arts and publish an impressive monograph titled, The Liberal Arts and Higher Education.

Hold ’em (September): The first-year retention rate reaches a record-setting 75 percent.

Health and Wellness (September 17): The School of Nursing, in partnership with the city of Azusa, opens the Neighborhood Wellness Center. The center promotes healthy living through free seminars, referrals, screenings, and assessments. In one year, the center served more than 400 walk-in clients.