Azusa Pacific University's commitment to diversity can be seen in its encouragement to students, staff, and faculty to engage in conversation, research, service, curricular development, and interactions that address the various concerns in the diversity discussion.  Below, you will find helpful resources to promote diversity, both at a personal and classroom level as well as at a systemic and structural level.

Being Approachable to Students (DOC)
Gain strategies on communicating your approachability as a professor.

Classroom Concerns and Suggestions (DOC)
Learn what to avoid and what to add to your pedagogical techniques.

Faculty Dialogue on Diversity in the Classroom (PPT)
Learn more about findings and classroom strategies from APU's diversity research.

Faculty Diversity Workshop (PPT)
View demographic data based on race/ethnicity, gender, and religious affiliation of students, and full-time faculty and staff at APU.

Faculty Voices (PPT)
Download a group activity for sharing stories based on race, ethnicity, and social location.

How to Value Diversity in the Classroom (DOC)
Read strategies on showing how your course values diversity.

Regression Tables by Race (DOC)
Browse regression tables by race.

Regression Tables by Type of Course (DOC)
Browse regression tables by type of course.

List of References (DOC)
Read a full reference list for the diversity research provided above by APU faculty member Carol Lundberg, Ph.D.