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Campus Energy Management System

HVAC units serving campus offices, classrooms, and nonhousing special-usage rooms are scheduled according to occupancy needs. Offices and special-usage rooms are scheduled according to weekly events and normal operating hours. For university groups booking an on-campus event, we ask that you access our new online booking system, 25Live, at events.apu.edu. Contact Campus Events at [email protected] or (626) 812-3035 if you have any questions. Classrooms are also scheduled according to 25Live software. To conserve energy, Facilities Management recommends setting air conditioners at 76 degrees and heaters at 68 degrees.

If you plan to work during an unoccupied period, you may encounter temperatures different from those of occupied hours. Unoccupied settings are typically 85 degrees for cooling and 60 degrees for heating. Requests to work during unoccupied periods will be evaluated by Facilities Management on an individual basis.