What You Can Do to Reduce Waste

Here are a few simple ideas you can follow to help reduce waste:

  • Support APU’s recycling efforts (see the APU Recycling Guide (PDF)).
  • Learn about Energy Conservation Tips for Offices (PDF).
  • Learn how to Go Green in Your Dorm (PDF).
  • Use both sides of your paper.
  • Follow the 15-minute rule: If you are leaving your room for more than 15 minutes, turn the lights off.
  • Keep your air conditioner set at 76 degrees or higher.
  • Turn off your computer and monitor at the end of each day.
  • Carpool or take alternative transportation when possible (see APU’s employee rideshare program).
  • Ride your bike.
  • Conserve water with shorter showers.
  • Buy from and donate to thrift stores.
  • Preserve our landfills by repairing items instead of replacing them.
  • Use window blinds to reduce air conditioning demand.

The Azusa Pacific campus features numerous locations where members of the APU community can bring their recyclable white paper, mixed paper, and/or newspapers:

East Campus

  • 1899 Dining Hall
  • Academic Service-Learning, Center for
  • Academic Success Center
  • Admissions North and South
  • Alumni Engagement, Office of
  • Commuter Life, Office of
  • Facilities Management
  • Help Desk
  • International Students and Scholars
  • Marshburn Library
  • Ronald Building
  • Student Government Association
  • Student Health Center
  • Student Life, Office of
  • Student Post Office
  • Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center
  • Undergraduate Student Financial Services, Office of
  • Warren Music Center
  • Wilden Hall
  • Wynn Academic Center

West Campus

  • Administration West
  • Ahmanson Technology Center
  • Alosta Center
  • Athletics, Department of
  • Azusa Print + Design
  • Clinical Psychology, Department of
  • Community Counseling Center
  • Darling Library
  • Education, School of
  • Faculty Development, Office of
  • Fletcher Jones Center
  • Higher Education, Department of
  • Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Department of
  • Mail Services
  • Nursing, School of
  • Physical Therapy, Department of
  • Segerstrom Science Center
  • Stamps Library
  • Theology Mail Room
  • Theology, School of
  • University Advancement, Office of
  • Campus Store
  • Warehouse Operations

Have More Ideas?

We want to hear from you. Forward your ideas on how to reduce waste to Toney Snyder at tsnyder@apu.edu.

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