Faculty Fulbright Awards

Fulbright awards include grants for lecturing, research, or a combination of lecturing and research to more than 125 countries. Each year, 500 American scholars go abroad as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Faculty and administrators at the undergraduate and graduate levels are invited to apply. Retired and adjunct faculty frequently receive grants as well.

Traditional Fulbright awards vary from two months to an academic year depending upon the country and the award. While foreign language skills are needed in some countries, most lecturing assignments are in English.

The annual deadlines are:

  • August 1 annually for Fulbright Traditional lecturing and research grants worldwide and Distinguished Chair grants
  • November 1 annually for the German Studies Seminar and for seminars in Korea and Japan for academic and international education administrators
  • February 1 annually for the international education administrators program to Germany
  • Rolling deadline for the Fulbright Senior Specialists Program

Visit the Fulbright page on the Council for International Exchange of Scholars website to familiarize yourself with the opportunities, to apply online, and to download application materials.

Also feel free to contact Don Isaak, Ph.D., to set up an appointment to discuss Fulbright opportunities. He can be reached at disaak@apu.edu or Ext. 3796.

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