Apply for a Fulbright Student Scholarship

Now That You Have Decided to Apply . . .

Start your application as far in advance of the September 28, 2020, deadline as possible. Preparing a competitive application takes considerable time and effort.

Applicants have found that the time spent thinking about and writing their plans—regardless of whether they were awarded a scholarship—was well worth the effort. If you plan on applying to graduate schools or interviewing with prospective employers, the Institute of International Education (IIE) Fulbright application process can give you an advantage on written application materials and interview experience. Most important, when you write these essays, carefully scrutinize your plans. In this way, applying for the IIE Fulbright Scholarship can help you to further define your academic and career goals.

Visit the official Fulbright website for more information.

Keep in Mind . . .

A strong application is made up of essays, references, language evaluation, transcripts, and interviews. All of these aspects are important, and applicants should not focus on only one aspect. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or advice from your advisor, faculty, staff, family, friends, and APU’s Fulbright program advisor, Mary Wong, Ph.D.

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