FERPA/Respect and Esteem Training

The Office of Human Resources at Azusa Pacific University, in order to provide a God-honoring working environment that encourages respect and esteem for each member of the community and appropriate care of student information, requires FERPA training and Respect and Esteem training at least every two years (within 30 days of hire and during each official training year) for ALL faculty and staff employees, including full-time, part-time, and temporary employees at all APU locations.

Please help us maintain compliance with the law and protect each member of our APU community by cooperating in a timely manner with these training mandates.

How to Register for FERPA and Respect and Esteem Training

To begin the online training programs, register through the general access link (PDF) provided by Workplace Answers. After signing in, you will be taken directly to a page with your name on it that will contain links to both trainings. You may start and stop trainings as needed.

After registering, you will also receive an email from Workplace Answers with your personalized, nontransferable links to each training. You may use these personal links or the general access link (PDF) to resume the trainings. Human Resources will receive an automatic notification once you successfully complete each training course.

How do I know if I am due for training?

All new employees are required to take FERPA and Respect and Esteem training within their first 30 days of employment. In addition, all employees must take the training at least every two years, during APU’s designated training years. Human Resources will inform the APU community when the training period commences and when it ends.

If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at (626) 815-4526.

Important Disclaimer

Due to new laws effective 2018, the FERPA and Respect and Esteem trainings have amendments that are included within the policy section of each training. For the FERPA training, the amendment provides information that corrects and thus supersedes what is contained on slides 19, 20, and 24 within the training. In particular, student addresses and student class schedules are no longer considered directory information and cannot be released as directory information. They can, however, be disclosed with the student’s consent or under another exception to FERPA’s nondisclosure rule.

For the Respect and Esteem training, the amendment simply provides additional information as required by law.

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