The Archive Collection preserves materials relating to the history of Azusa Pacific University. This collection consists of items issued by any of the following institutions:

  1. Training School for Christian Workers
  2. Pacific Bible College
  3. Azusa College
  4. Azusa Pacific College
  5. Azusa Pacific University
  6. Arlington College
  7. Los Angeles Pacific College
  8. Maybelle Scott Rancho School for Girls.

Types of items that are collected include:

  1. Yearbooks
  2. Catalogs (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, summer)
  3. Directories (e.g., faculty, staff, student, phone)
  4. Handbooks (e.g., faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, student)
  5. Newsletters (e.g., Office of Advancement, Department of History and Political Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  6. Newspapers (e.g., Clause)
  7. Periodicals (e.g., School of Theology’s Connection)
  8. Advertisements
  9. Programs of special events (e.g., groundbreakings, dedications, memorials, retirements)
  10. Board minutes
  11. Annual reports, president reports, provost reports
  12. Alumni, homecoming, and reunion information
  13. Accreditation information
  14. Dinner Rally memorabilia
  15. Commencement, baccalaureate, and convocation information
  16. Class schedules
  17. Bulletins
  18. Photographs
  19. Slides
  20. Video cassettes
  21. Audio recordings (e.g., long-playing records, cassettes, and CDs)
  22. Newspaper clippings about the institutions

This collection is not intended to be a true institutional archive, and therefore does not collect departmental files. There are approximately 1,700 items cataloged in the Archive Collection that can be accessed through the APU Library Catalog.

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