Collection Highlights

Highlights of this collection include the original 1900 catalog of the Training School for Christian Workers, and a comprehensive collection of sound recordings issued by the School of Music dating from the 1940s to the present.

APU Presidential Portraits

The Archive Collection also includes portraits of the men and women who have led Azusa Pacific University from its founding in 1899.

Choose a President Below:

  1. Mary Hill
  2. Anna Draper
  3. Bertha T. Pinkham
  4. Matilda Atkinson
  5. William P. Pinkham
  6. Eli Reece
  7. Lowell H. Coate
  8. George A. McLaughlin
  9. Ray L. Carter
  10. David H. Scott
  11. B.C. Johnson
  12. William Kirby
  13. Cornelius P. Haggard
  14. Paul E. Sago
  15. Richard E. Felix
  16. Jon R. Wallace

Access to the Collections

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