Haggard International Scholarship Program

About the Scholarship

The Haggard International Scholarship (HIS) Program exists to embrace APU’s legacy of equipping and sending out Christian workers globally by providing scholarships and Christ-centered leadership training to international students who strive to become leaders in their home countries and throughout the world. The scholarship program combines a tuition scholarship with a leadership development program. Eligibility for the scholarship is dependent on the following: student need, leadership ability potential, Christian commitment, global mindset, and academic abilities.

Qualifications and Selection Criteria

  • For international undergraduate students in F-1 or J-1 student status
  • Regular admission to APU along with proof of funds for costs not covered by HIS
  • Scholarship is meant for international impact. Therefore, the student cannot take steps to stay in North America after their education and training (If a Canadian citizen, they cannot stay in the U.S.).
  • Complete and Submit all parts of the HIS Scholar Application (Contract, Essays, and Reference)
  • Student must be a born-again Christian
  • 3.2 GPA or above is required to be accepted into the program and 3.0 GPA to remain as a HIS Scholar
  • HIS scholarship is available for a maximum of 8 semesters and cannot be used for non-APU study abroad semesters
  • Student must be committed to all HIS program components to retain scholarship

Requirements and Expectations

Annual Requirements

  • Monthly meeting with HIS counselor/mentor
  • 2-4 HIS Leadership gatherings/assignments per semester
  • On-going leadership experience per year (on-campus or off-campus)
  • Spiritual discipleship with peer group and/or mentor
  • Vocational development
  • Completing of at least one Leadership undergraduate class by the end of first academic year
  • Choose a ‘church home’ and attend regularly

Other Requirements and Benefits

  • 30-minute culmination presentation at the end of program
  • One short-term leadership experience (Local or International)

Application Process

To apply for this scholarship, complete and submit all application materials linked below to international@apu.edu by 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 12, 2024.

Students will be notified of their application status by Monday, April 29, 2024. If you have any questions, email international@apu.edu.

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