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Theology Conference

The Theology Conference brings the expertise of an internationally recognized theologian to incite deep theological reflection among students, to provide them with an opportunity to examine the integration of their Christian faith with theoretical knowledge and the practices of the Church, and to further the development of their theological scholarship by interaction with a respected scholar whose work many of them study in their courses.

It reinforces stated undergraduate theology program goals, including:

  • Develop and refine mechanisms that will bring theology majors into fruitful first-hand engagement with contemporary theological work as it is carried out in the academy.
  • Cultivate collegial scholarship for faithful engagement with students, the Church, and the academy.
  • Encourage and cultivate students’ growth in the ability to think critically about the historical, doctrinal, biblical, and practical aspects of the Christian faith, including appreciating, understanding, and valuing the Church.

It also advances APU’s broader faith integration goals to:

  • Provide a forum for interaction regarding the Church’s self-understanding in a contemporary world and its influence upon faith practices.
  • Encourage theologically informed reflection in an academic venue in order to advance the understanding of Christian higher education and to develop moral leaders who will impact the world.

Past Theology Conference Speakers

Stanley Hauerwas, PhD, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University Divinity School, Durham, N.C., November 1–2, 2009.

John W. Wright, PhD, Professor of Theology and Christian Scriptures, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA, March 4, 2008.
Justo Gonzalez, PhD.