Zachary Cheney, PhD

Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, College of the Arts
Interim Associate Academic Chair and Assistant Professor of Screen Studies, Department of Cinematic Arts

Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 5125
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Zach Cheney, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Screen Studies in the Department of Cinematic Arts. He received his PhD from the University of Oregon in 2017 after defending a dissertation focused on an aesthetic history of long takes in post-WWII international cinema. His favorite pastime is guiding students on projects of in-depth visual media studies, especially when such projects yield unexpectedly meaningful results. He has presented at academic and professional conferences on film and media, as well as published an essay on Alfred Hitchcock in the anthology Faith and Spirituality: Masters of World Cinema, Vol. III, published by Cambridge Scholars Press in 2015. His current undertakings include expanding his dissertation into a book manuscript along with a book-length project addressing cinematic arts within a biblical-theological framework.


  • PhD, English (Film Studies Track), University of Oregon, 2017
  • MA, Cinema Studies, San Francisco State University, 2010
  • MA, Theological Studies, Covenant Theological Seminary, 2007
  • BA, Philosophy, Covenant College, 2004

Academic Areas

  • School of Visual and Performing Arts (College of the Arts)
    • Department of Cinematic Arts
  • School of Music (College of the Arts)


  • Cinematic Aesthetics
  • Film History
  • Film & Media Theory
  • Film & Theology
  • French Cinema
  • Global Art Cinema

Courses Taught

  • CINE 275: History of TV & Digital Media
  • CINE 285: History of Film
  • CINE 341: Media Criticism & Theory
  • CINE 451: World Cinema
  • CINE 486: Topics in Film Analysis: Very Long Takes
  • WR 220: Film Analysis & Criticism
  • CINE 420: Topics in Film History: French Cinema
  • CINE 351: Film & Social Issues

Office Hours

Tues. 9:30-11:30, Wed. 9:30-10:30

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