Strengths Development at APU

APU has long been a leader in strengths-based education and leadership development. Fueled both by research findings and theological convictions, APU utilizes a “strengths development” philosophy in its engagement with students and staff. The strengths development approach affirms each human being’s God-given, unique talents and potential and encourages individuals, teams, and organizations to develop and use those talents in service to God and the world.

Through curriculum integration (e.g. Strengths Week), leadership training, and other student development programs, students are taught to pay attention to their unique talents and develop them into reliable strengths for high performance in the classroom, the workplace, and life. Utilizing the Gallup Organization’s CliftonStrengths assessment, students learn about their top five talents as well as the range of diverse talents embodied in the wider community.

For students interested in learning more about their strengths development, one-on-one strengths coaching through the Career Center (using the Handshake platform) is available. Similarly, for education professionals interested in mastering strengths-based approaches to education and leadership, APU offers doctoral-level certifications through the Department of Higher Education.

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One-on-One Strengths Coaching

The Academic Success Center in partnership with the Career Center facilitates Strengths Coaching sessions to help students deepen their understanding and appreciation of their strengths and the strengths philosophy. Additionally, Strengths Coaches partner with students to identify relevant action steps, enabling students to better leverage their talents in academic, personal, and professional settings. Through Strengths Coaching, students harness intrinsic motivations and abilities to increase performance, build capacity, and exercise effective self-stewardship.

Strengths Coaching is free of charge to APU students.

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