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Academic Advising

Graduate and Professional Undergraduate Student Advising

Students in professional undergraduate programs or pursuing a graduate degree are primarily provided advising and degree completion support through the respective academic departments. Support staff from the departments communicate with students to provide registration details, department deadlines, and other information that promotes student success. Faculty provide mentorship, degree guidance, and career preparation in the field of study to ensure that students are graduating well-prepared for vocational success and a meaningful life of service.

Student Services Center’s Academic Records Specialists are available to assist you with transfer credit evaluation, grade-point average (GPA) information, grade changes, and awarding of degrees and diplomas. Academic Records Specialists do not provide academic advising, but they maintain your permanent APU academic record and can answer all questions related to it. To contact an Academic Records Specialist please email [email protected] or call 626-815-2020.

Traditional Undergraduate Student Advising

The Office of Academic Advising, housed within the Academic Success Center, provides academic coaching and support to enable traditional undergraduate students to achieve their scholastic goals and thrive academically.

The Office of Academic Advising supports student academic success through a holistic approach. Our office wants to partner with you by providing:

  • Individual academic advising and success coaching for exploring students.
  • Personal attention to students who are developmentally admitted.
  • Strategies and resources to aid in academic success.
  • Assistance with questions regarding progress toward graduation.
  • Partnerships with faculty to support students who are identified in our Early Alert program.
  • Strategies to help increase undergraduate student retention and graduation rates.
  • One-on-one Academic Success Coaching.

We look forward to meeting you! Stop by or make an appointment anytime. The Academic Success Center is located on East Campus in Building 30.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Traditional undergraduate programs utilize a shared advising model. New, first-year, and second-year students are supported through the Academic Success Center with advising staff and receive faculty mentorship through their major departments. Professional staff advisors create individualized academic plans to assist students in meeting degree requirements and provide strengths-based advising to empower students with the resources needed to achieve their goals and thrive academically. Focused faculty advising occurs during junior and senior years to ensure successful degree completion and that graduation preparation is well supported. Faculty advisors also provide mentorship around vocation, graduate school, and career pathways that equips students to be difference makers now and upon graduation.

Every student has a unique journey and academic goals, so it’s important they have a streamlined and individual plan. Advising 1) draws attention to timely academic requirements; 2) assists with course scheduling; 3) provides connection to on-campus resources; and 4) assists students in accomplishing their personal education goals.

Academic advising happens year-round, as it is much more than class selection and registration. At the same time, heightened advising generally occurs the month prior to registration, and some academic departments may offer specific course-schedule advising. Students should seek advising from staff and faculty as needed for support and accountability throughout their academic journey.

APU’s advisors, whether that is an Academic Success Coach or faculty advisor in the major, are here to support the academic pursuits of every student year-round. If a student wants to explore and define academic, career, and life goals as well as resources, an advising appointment will help unpack these types of questions.

Preparing for the Meeting

  • Plan meetings ahead of time, so you are ready before decisions need to be made
  • Come prepared to share your academic hopes
  • Consider bringing questions to ask the advisor
  • Review your academic requirements, plan, and advising notes from previous meetings

During the Meeting

  • Engage and participate by explaining your personal academic goals and expectations
  • Be honest about your circumstances and what you need to succeed
  • If you don’t understand something, ask for clarity
  • Leave knowing your next steps

How to Prepare for Academic Advising Appointments

Academic advising is available year-round to help you stay on course as you progress through your degree. Learn more about the benefits of advising and tips for preparing for advising appointments.

We firmly believe that the academic advising relationship should be a true partnership between Academic Success Coaches and the student to accomplish comprehensive student success. We want to see you embrace an expanded vision of student success, which is much more than selecting the correct courses to graduate. Our coaches are committed to partnering with you throughout your time at APU to promote holistic thriving. Our team wants to see you academically engaged in your coursework, socially connected on campus, and growing in your faith and confidence as a difference maker. Our Academic Success Coaches are committed to having intentional conversations about ways you can apply your strengths, plan, and resources to be successful as a student here at APU.

Advising season happens once a semester (March and October), prior to registering for classes. Our office provides resources to help you explore life, vocation, and goals. The Academic Success Coaches serve as coaches and mentors by helping students with academic planning, selecting classes, and navigating the college experience. We encourage students to schedule advising appointments, but also welcome students to come in at any time for assistance.

Anneliese Trujillo, MA

Allied Health, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Systems Engineering, and School of Music

Bryce Kuboyama, MDiv

Kinesiology and Nursing

Stephanie Morales, MS

Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, English, Exploring (undecided/undeclared), Global Studies, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Science, International Relations, Sociology, Spanish, Theology, and Youth and Family Ministries

Gina Conner, MSW

Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Acting for the Stage and Screen, Animation and Visual Effects, Cinematic Arts, Cinematic Arts Production, Screenwriting, and Theater Arts

Adam Sarrail, MS

Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Digital Marketing and Design, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Art, Design Studies, and Graphic Design


Set Up Your Advising Appointment

Traditional Undergraduate Students

  • Current Freshmen and Sophomores: Schedule an appointment via TutorTrac
  • Current Juniors and Seniors: Contact your major department to schedule an appointment
  • Students with Minors: Contact the academic department or meet with an Academic Success Coach

Additional Campus Connections

Faculty Mentoring Program

This faculty mentorship program is now available to first generation college students who desire support to be academically successful here at APU. Please contact our office directly if this is the type of support you would like to receive for your journey here at APU.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program serves as an online peer advising resource to specific populations. The goal is to share important information, need-to-know dates, and many other tips on how to be successful in college from the perspective of current APU students.

Choosing a Major

Not sure what you want to major in? Here are some helpful suggestions to get you on your way:

  1. Network: Ask a professor to coffee! This is your chance to ask questions and discover why they chose the field. A faculty member can provide information about requirements, trends, and career possibilities within their department.
  2. Trial and error: Take an entry-level class in the major you are considering. If you decide that the major is not for you, the units can still count toward graduation.
  3. Spread the word: Talk with fellow students who have chosen the major(s) you are considering.
  4. Get involved: Volunteer, get a part-time job, get an internship, or take a service-learning course to get hands-on experience.

Undeclared Majors: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Path If You’re Undecided

When the time comes to register for next semester’s courses, working with your academic advisor can help you narrow down the seemingly endless list of options. But how do you decide which courses to take if you’re one of many students with undeclared majors?

Although it’s helpful to know your major from the start, it’s okay to be unsure—especially as a freshman. Instead of feeling anxious and rushing to make a choice, you can use this time to explore what interests you and find your calling.

Here are five tips for picking classes until you decide on a major.

Faculty/Staff Resources

The following faculty/staff resources are available to assist you in your academic advising with students. These documents can help you with General Education, unique classes, and information from the Learning Enrichment, Math, and Writing Centers.

Current Research

As a university community, it’s important for all faculty and staff to stay current with retention and engagement efforts and trends. With that in mind, here are several resources and reports to help the APU community join in our efforts to support students.

The above resources are shared with permission.

Applying your Strengths in college:

You have considered the importance of talents in planning your education to achieve personal strengths. Now, it is time to plot out how to build on your talents to develop leadership and other strengths directly related to your college experience.

Four key factors capture the basic aspects you should consider when planning an education that will lead to personal excellence. Read Academic Strengths in College (PDF) to find out more, and then find your five Strengths listed below for ideas on how you capitalize on your Strengths while at APU.

Undergraduate Student Support

Our Academic Success Coaches serve all APU students. Navigating the college journey is different for each student depending on how they came to APU and what they are involved in while on campus. We have resources designed to assist various student populations, including:

College is an academic journey of ups and downs. For some students, a GPA is not always consistent with academic capability. Because of this, academic probation serves as a support system to move students forward on the journey toward graduation.

Our academic success coaches offer support through:

  • One-on-one monthly meetings or more often if needed.
  • Utilizing a variety of assessments to help evaluate what specific support a student needs in order to overcome any obstacles that may be preventing academic success.
  • Grade Check Forms offered for accountability and as a means of starting conversations with faculty.
  • Our office is always an available place to study, complete homework, and asks questions.

Responsibilities of Academic Probation Students

APU students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to graduate.

Current Students on Academic Probation

All students are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which is determined by the Department of Education. These requirements are consistent with Azusa Pacific University’s graduation requirements and demonstrate academic progress toward degree completion. The following requirements are evaluated at the end of each semester (fall and spring):

  • GPA: Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Units Passed (Pace): Passing grade in at least 67 percent of units enrolled (includes Fs, Ws, Incompletes, and repeated courses

Academic Advising in the Academic Success Center offers individualized academic planning for students who are not meeting the minimum SAP requirements. All students are evaluated at the end of each term and notified of their standing. A student’s academic performance directly impacts financial aid eligibility (see also the financial aid SAP policy requirements in the university catalog). The academic success coaches in Academic Advising partner with the financial aid office to ensure that our efforts are in alignment and equitable for all students.

Dismissal occurs when a student does not meet the individualized academic plan requirements. One dismissal petition is allowed per student while attempting to complete a degree at Azusa Pacific. The Petition Review Committee decides if completion of a degree can be accomplished. The petition committee’s decision is separate from financial aid eligibility. If a petition is accepted by this committee, a student may still be ineligible for financial aid, therefore eligible to attend and responsible for full cost of attendance.

Additional Resources

Being a student athlete can be challenging at times. Some student-athletes share, “Although I love it, it is like working full time with a full course load every semester.”

If you are a student-athlete, know that you are not alone. The Office of Academic Advising has coaches ready and willing to support you on your journey as an APU Cougar athlete.

We can assist you in a number of ways that include, but are not limited to:

Contact us at [email protected] to set up an appointment and find out how we can help serve you on your academic and athletic journey.

The Office of Academic Advising understands that as a transfer student, you have college experience, and we are excited about the unique experience you bring to the APU community. However, this semester is a time of transition.

Rest assured that our team is here to support you and point you toward academic and student support resources that promote successful transitions into APU. Through collaboration with other campus areas such as the Office of Campus Life, the Center for Career and Community-Engaged Learning, the Writing Center, the Academic Success Center, Military and Veteran Services, and other offices, we strive to be instrumental to your success.

Our academic success coaches also support you by providing:

  • Supplemental transfer course review
  • Academic advising
  • A plan for graduation
  • Other vital campus resources and ways to get involved

We are glad you are here, and our staff look forward to helping you navigate the academic requirements and advocating on your behalf. Call us for an appointment or drop by for a visit!


APU has a number of resources to help you be successful. Whether your needs are academic, physical, emotional, spiritual, or vocational, APU believes in supporting you reach your potential in all areas of life.

Stay on Track

The Office of Academic Advising is here to support you and your academic success! A common question we hear students ask regarding classes is, “Will I be able to graduate on time?” Here are some things to keep in mind as you take steps toward graduation:

  • Complete a minimum of 120 units (excluding remedial units).
  • Complete all course requirements for your major, minor, and General Education.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA. (Some majors/minors have higher GPA requirements).
  • Meet the residency requirement: 30 units total, and 16 of the last 24 units, must be completed at APU.
  • Complete your service credits each semester. Don’t wait until your final semester(s).
  • Stay on top of your tuition and other payments to the university.
  • Fulfill all other university requirements.

Tips for making an academic plan:

  • View remaining course requirements in your Academic Requirement Report.
  • Meet with an academic success coach to map out an individualized academic plan.