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Testing Services

As a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), Azusa Pacific University Testing Services provides both APU students and the nationwide public with an accommodating, accessible, and secure space for educational testing services. Knowledgeable staff ensure that all who use the center have the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities.

Credit by Examination

Undergraduate students may receive credit for an APU course by taking an examination in place of the course. We offer the following types of exams for course credit:

Credit by Examination does not result in a letter grade (A, A-, etc.) or affect the calculation of a student’s grade-point average. Credits earned only fulfill a course requirement and are included in total credits on the student’s transcript.

Exam Proctoring

The Academic Success Center also offers exam proctoring services.

Placement Assessments

Placement assessments are important tools that help faculty advisors, academic support services, and you work together to schedule the best classes for you. Assessments are used to place you into courses that match your current and potential skills and abilities. You do not receive college credit based on your placement assessment results; however, we encourage you to complete the assessments that apply to you (e.g., a math placement assessment, writing placement assessment, foreign language placement assessment, and/or foreign language proficiency assessment) as soon as possible. You must complete the placement assessments that apply to you before you will be able to register for your first APU class in the corresponding subjects, such as math, writing, or foreign language.

Why Placement Tests Matter

Learn more about why college placement tests are important and how they can benefit you and your college experience.

International Student Placement Assessment

APU welcomes and celebrates the rich diversity that international students bring to our campus. We are thrilled that you have chosen APU, and we look forward to helping you succeed throughout your academic journey! Once admitted, all students must complete placement assessments in math, writing, and foreign language to help determine the best initial course placement for each student. Talk with your international enrollment counselor to determine which of these assessments may apply to you.


Learn more about our various placement assessments: