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MATH 99 Self-Paced Mathematics Lab

MATH 99 Self-Paced Mathematics Lab is an alternative to MATH 90 Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning for students who prefer an individualized developmental math experience.

An adaptive online learning system (ALEKS) enables students in MATH 99 to skip topics that they have already mastered and to work at their own pace on the topics they need to learn, with support from a faculty instructor. The goal is to help students try to test out of MATH 90 and/or MATH 95 in order to accelerate their path toward a General Education Quantitative Literacy course.

MATH 99 prerequisite: ALEKS math placement score of 0-29 (or no ALEKS score).

Note that all of the courses mentioned above are graded pass/fail and do not count toward the 120 units required for graduation.

Comparison of MATH 90 and MATH 99

Format Traditional lecture-based course Students work in the ALEKS adaptive online learning system with support from faculty instructor
Units 3 units 1 unit
Pace All students study the same material at the same pace Students study at their own pace, guided by the ALEKS system, focusing on the topics that are at the edge of their current understanding
Schedule Meets 3 hours per week for the entire semester Meets 2 hours per week and only meets for the first 8 weeks of the semester
Class size 24-30 students 15 students
Objective A passing grade satisfies the prerequisite for MATH 95, MATH 115, or MATH 130 Helps students try to score high enough on the ALEKS math placement assessment to pass out of MATH 90 and/or MATH 95