About APU

Unshakable faith.

That is what characterizes Azusa Pacific University. More than 100 years have come and gone and APU has thrived because of unshakable faith. Through natural disasters and financial hardships, the school's leaders looked to God and found strength and provision. In times of prosperity, again they looked up and gave the glory and praise to God.

In an age of moral deterioration, Azusa Pacific unapologetically upholds the biblical principles on which it was founded, and is blessed continually as a result. The university's physical growth only outwardly manifests these blessings. It is the spiritual growth of the students, faculty, staff, and administration that truly reveals God's hand on APU.

God First has been the school's motto since its founding in 1899. Today, it continues to drive the university forward with the confidence that comes from obedience to God's plan.

Armed with this confidence, APU will boldly forge ahead with a commitment to scholarship, a dynamic relationship with the Church, a celebration of diversity, partnership with neighboring communities, strong financial stewardship, and most importantly the evangelical faith that has shaped this institution into what it is today.

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