Benefits of Studying at an APU Regional Campus

Looking to complete an undergraduate degree but feeling unsure how to balance your studies with everything else going on in your life? Consider studying at one of Azusa Pacific University’s regional campuses.

APU has seven campuses throughout Southern California to provide students the convenience and flexibility they need to reach their educational goals. In addition to its main campus in Azusa, the university has a presence in Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire, High Desert, Monrovia, and Murrieta.

Studying at a regional campus that’s closer to your home or work allows you to complete your degree on your terms. APU is committed to seeing all students succeed—no matter which campus they choose. Accordingly, the school offers a number of flexible options, so you can take advantage of the opportunities that best fit your lifestyle.

Learn Close to Home on Your Terms

The convenience of learning close to home is one of the biggest perks of earning your bachelor’s degree at one of APU’s regional campuses. Jennifer Jordan, director of APU’s San Diego Regional Campus, noted that by studying in close proximity to their communities, students are afforded minimal disruption.

“How cool is it that we have choices for students to go where is most convenient for them?” Jordan said. “By being near a student’s home community, we give them educational and spiritual opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. The convenience is important.”

Different Campuses, Same Standards

Attending classes at one of APU’s regional campuses doesn’t mean the academics are any less rigorous. In fact, each location is staffed with experienced faculty and staff, just like you’ll find on the school’s main campus.

In addition to top-notch professors and rigorous academics, you’ll also benefit from smaller class sizes. This allows you to get to know your professors on a deeper level, which can be helpful both in the classroom and after graduation.

“Because the faculty is getting to know the students so well, they can write those recommendations when getting them plugged into the community after graduation,” Jordan explained.

Regardless of the campus, the high standards APU holds for its students’ personal, academic, and spiritual growth remains the same.

Regional Campuses Are Tight-Knit Communities

When you join a regional campus community, the faculty and staff all work hard to create a welcoming environment. Something as small as being greeted by name as you walk in the door can make a huge difference in your comfort, confidence, and level of engagement.

Most students pursuing degrees at APU’s regional campuses are working professionals with full-time jobs, and many of them are parents. This creates a tight-knit sense of community among those who are juggling their daily responsibilities while pursuing their educational dreams.

Since these students’ experiences are generally different from traditional college freshmen, the faculty and staff at each regional location aim to provide a learning space that caters to their needs—academically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a result, regional campus students say they feel known as individuals, which helps them stay motivated.

Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree at a Regional Campus

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. APU understands this, so the school’s regional campuses help students finish their bachelor’s degrees—or pursue the next level through a graduate program—in ways that are more convenient for them. In many programs, this includes evening classes that finish in eight weeks.

Whether you’re looking to start a career in business administration, criminal justice, psychology, digital media, or nursing, each campus has a variety of programs to help you earn your degree. And you can rest assured you’ll have access to support through faculty and staff who genuinely care and want to see their students succeed.

Are you ready to finish your bachelor’s degree at one of APU’s seven regional campuses? Find the right campus for you and start your next chapter today!