Interdisciplinary Studies: Majors That Prepare You to Work in Any Industry

Now more than ever, an interdisciplinary studies degree can put you on a path to a successful future. Technology is rapidly moving ahead and changing the world with it. And as the world moves forward, it’s creating new career fields ripe with possibility.

This evolving work landscape requires a new type of college graduate—one who possesses a broad understanding of the liberal arts and sciences and a deep knowledge of two or three specific disciplines. Multiple degree programs can equip you with this knowledge and prepare you to work in any industry.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at APU

As you think about choosing a major, you might be wondering, “What will I do after graduation?” By choosing a degree program that prepares you for careers across many industries, you can enjoy access to more opportunities.

At APU, a specialized interdisciplinary studies major allows students to craft a program that nurtures their future careers. Whether you know which career field you want to pursue or want to foster foundational skills relevant to any industry, an interdisciplinary studies degree can help you get there.

“The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is a great program for students who have too many interests to narrow,” said Jennifer Buck, PhD, director of the university’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. “It allows students to study aspects of two to three majors and find points of connection, intersection, and commonality between them.”

According to Buck, this multidisciplinary training prepares students for careers where they may wear multiple hats. It also prepares those who plan on transitioning through various careers throughout their working years. With its built-in core courses rooted in vocational identity, cultural engagement, and leadership formation, interdisciplinary studies students have space to discern their strengths, skills, and passions as they find their next steps.

Next-Level Degrees That Span Disciplines

The communication management major is another interdisciplinary degree option that prepares students for the "next-level", including promotion, management, and leadership. Courtney Wong Davis, PhD, director of the communication management program at Azusa Pacific University, noted that the courses are designed for vocational agility with hard and soft skills that transfer across disciplines and industries.

Students in the program are equipped with foundational theories and communication expertise, including conflict management, small group decision-making, and relational communication, that steward their education toward a variety of pathways. These include organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources, and more.

“Our graduates regularly return to tell us how they have meaningfully contributed to their workplace and thrived as leaders in a variety of career trajectories,” said Davis.

Majors That Can Open Multiple Doors

Communication degrees aren’t the only disciplines that have a wide career net. Accounting and business degrees open the door to various careers in business and finance; marketing degrees can entail journalism, public relations, and fundraising roles; and studying mathematics and computer science can pave the way for analyst and engineering jobs within multiple industries.

With one study suggesting that working individuals will have 12 jobs over the course of their lifetimes, including approximately three to seven career changes, foundational education and meaningful practice can prepare students for the new working world.

“We are confident that we send out our graduates prepared to be difference makers across industries, careers, and jobs throughout their lifetimes,” Davis explained.

Planning Your Next Steps

You have myriad options when exploring majors that provide you with the tools to succeed across industries. And if the path to your dream career doesn’t take you through a traditional major program, the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at APU may be for you. By creating your own education journey and focusing on two to three fields of study specific to your career goals—with a faculty advisor to guide you and courses designed to help you discern your unique calling—you’ll be prepared for a wide scope of careers by graduation.

Interested in starting your journey at Azusa Pacific University? Learn more about its program offerings or Interdisciplinary Studies major.