Preparing for College Part 2: Tips for Parents and Families on Campus Life

by Allison Oster

As each week passes, you’re getting a little closer to sending your child off to their first year of college. We know you have many questions about how your student can prepare for the transition to college life, and what they will have access to on campus.

As part of our Preparing for College series, we compiled the following information to help answer a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear from students and their families about campus resources that support the college life experience.

What Do I Need to Know About College Student Health Insurance?

When your child is away from home, you hope they stay healthy, but also want to ensure they have access to the care they need in the event of illness or injury. You may choose to keep them on your health insurance or sign up for insurance through the university. The following articles provide additional information on what you need to know about student health insurance and access to healthcare resources on campus.

What Dining Options are Available?

Let’s be real, you won’t be able to control whether you’re child eats chips and salsa for dinner or pizza every day for lunch while they’re at college, but knowing what they have access to can help. From choosing a dining plan to knowing what food options are available, especially if your child has allergies, the following resources can help.

Does My Student Need a Car?

Like most colleges, parking at APU can be a challenge. So before you decide to pay for a parking pass, think about whether your child actually needs access to a car. For freshman living on campus, there are many benefits to not having a car, from saving money to opportunities to build more connections across campus.

What Else Should I Know?

Take time to read up about the university your child has chosen and the many resources they’ll have access to during their time on campus. That way, if they call you with a question, you can help redirect them to take advantage of all that college has to offer.

Have additional questions on how to prepare for the first year at APU? Check out part 1 and part 3 of our Preparing for College series. And don’t hesitate to call our admissions team for more information.

Allison Oster ’01, M.A. ’05, is the senior editorial director in the Office of University Relations.