Letters of Encouragement

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult and divisive for so many of us. As a Christ-centered community, Azusa Pacific is committed to spreading God’s love and encouragement for those who are feeling a lack of hope, grieved by so many losses, or disheartened about all the challenges being faced. The University Counseling Center Letters of Encouragement initiative aims to bring about a renewed sense of God’s presence.

I Would Like to Participate

Students are invited to participate in any (or all) of the following ways:

Feeling Discouraged?

Sign up to receive an anonymous letter of encouragement from an APU peer. Your name will not be disclosed and neither will the name of the person writing the letter. This is simply a chance to allow yourself to receive emotional care from another student.

Looking For a Way to Spread Encouragement at APU?

Put your name in to send a letter of encouragement to another student. All letters will be anonymous, but you can be certain that the letter will go to someone who is interested in receiving your support. See a sample letter (PDF), or read some actual letters that have already been submitted.

Faculty, Staff, and Administration

We encourage you to promote this program in classrooms and at department events. Your prayers for students (and for the APU community more broadly) are welcome and encouraged. Thank you for your support of this program.

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