Campus Outreach

Emotional wellbeing is not confined to our offices. The University Counseling Center fulfills its mission to help students realize their personal and academic potential by getting out into the campus community as well. We have two main avenues: Outreach Requests and the Cougars Care workshop series.

Outreach Requests

The UCC would love to partner with your department to provide education, training, and opportunities for discussion around mental health issues. Review the types of services we provide below. To request an outreach presentation for your class, office, or department, please complete our UCC Outreach Request Form (PDF) and email it to along with any questions you may have. We are happy to help!

Campus Event Partnerships

The UCC often receives requests to participate in programing created by our campus community. If you would like us to sit on a panel, support a wellness fair, or otherwise support an event you are planning, let us know.


If you would like to have the UCC present on a specific topic for your group we would be happy to partner with you. Possible topics include: relationship health, communication skills, stress management, time management, self-care, and more. Our presentations are typically in-person and vary in format and length depending on your needs and the topic requested. Please let us know what topics you are interested in so we can partner together to meet your needs.

Mental Health Training/Gatekeeping

An important way in which we serve the campus community is by training our community members to respond to students in distress using 4Rs: Recognize, Respond, Refer, and Report. Many of your are on the front lines and engaging with students, often before they reach our office. Having the tools to know how to have difficult conversations, offer support and care, and ways to care for yourself in the process can be incredibly helpful as you navigate student needs. Contact us to request an in-person 4Rs training.


Sometimes you might not know what you need, but you know you would like some support from the UCC. In this case we can start out by sitting down to collaborate together on what type of outreach might help your group meet its goals. Please contact us if you are interested in brainstorming together.

Cougars Care

In addition to responding to outreach requests, the UCC also offers its own programing through our Cougars Care workshop series. This series of workshops is open to all students and will provide you with information on various mental health topics. It is ideal for any students seeking to learn how to support themselves and their friends while also building their resume and leadership skills. Any student who completes at least 4 of our Cougars Care workshops will receive an official certificate of completion. View the 2020-21 Cougars Care Schedule (PDF) to see this year’s workshop topics. For any questions about the Cougars Care program, please contact us at

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