Diversity Council

  • Jau-Lian Jeng

    Professor, School of Business and Management

  • Ron Jewe (Co-Chair)

    Associate Dean and Professor, School of Business and Management

  • Charles Chen

    Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Chemistry

  • Michelle Cox (Co-Chair)

    Director, School Counseling Program, and Professor, Department of School Counseling and School Psychology

  • Evelyn Shimazu Yee

    Associate Professor, University Libraries

  • Alex Russell

    Assistant Professor, School of Music

  • Nabil Hanna

    Professor, School of Nursing

  • Kay Higuera Smith

    Professor, Department of Biblical and Religious Studies

  • Loren Martin

    Professor and Research Director, Department of Clinical Psychology

  • Jenss Chang

    Assistant Professor, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Alan Oda (Secretary)

    Professor, Department of Psychology

  • Keith Hall

    Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

  • Paul Kaak

    Executive Director, Office of Faith Integration

  • Aaron Hinojosa

    Executive Director, Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity

  • Richard S. Martinez

    Executive Director, Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence