Diversity Council

This Faculty Senate council affirms and values the nature of diversity and promotes the establishment and further support of university education policies, practices, and programs related to the understanding and appreciation of diversity from a biblical viewpoint. It represents the academic arena and extended community of the university in matters pertaining to diversity and community demographic balance.

Voting Members

  • Alan Oda, PhD (Chair)

    School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences; Faculty Senate

  • Charles Chen, PhD

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Sam Girguis, PsyD

    School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

  • Angela Guta, PhD

    School of Education

  • Christine Kern, PhD

    Honors College

  • Ishmael Lopez Medel, PhD

    College of the Arts

  • Sanggon Nam, PhD, MS

    School of Nursing

  • Jihye Oh, PhD

    School of Business and Management

  • Jessica Wong, PhD

    School of Theology

  • Evelyn Shimazu Yee, MLIS

    University Libraries

Nonvoting Members

  • Everette Brooks, MBA

    Office of Military and Veteran Services

  • Keith Hall, EdD

    Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

  • Nori Henk, PhD

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Faculty Moderator

  • Aaron Hinojosa, PhD

    Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity

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