Transferring Professional Undergraduate Courses

We know the transfer process can seem daunting, which is why our team in the Graduate and Professional Center is ready to help you navigate transferring courses to APU. If you are seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree at Azusa Pacific University while utilizing transfer credit, we recommend closely following the General Education guidelines of suggested courses while enrolled at another institution.

The Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar handles all requests for transferring courses to a professional undergraduate program at APU. Whether you are a new professional undergraduate student transferring from another institution to APU or a student currently enrolled at APU wishing to take approved classes at another school, your appeal to transfer that course credit to APU will ultimately go through this office.

What is a Professional Undergraduate Program?

At APU, professional undergraduate programs are accelerated bachelor’s degree completion programs, typically for students who have transferable credit from another institution and want to finish their degree at Azusa Pacific. Please note, students interested in transferring into one of APU’s traditional, four-year undergraduate programs should visit the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center for transfer guidelines for those programs.

Transfer Plans

Azusa Pacific provides transfer plans as a tool to aid professional undergraduate students in knowing which courses APU will accept to fulfill General Education requirements. Please keep in mind that these transfer plans are not formal agreements, and all transfer courses submitted for credit are subject to approval by the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

To find your transfer plan, you may search by the transferring college or university, or by your program of interest at APU:

Search by College or University

Search by APU Program of Interest

Prospective APU Students (New Transfer Students)

If you are currently applying to a professional undergraduate program at APU and would like to transfer course credit from another institution, please contact your program representative in the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions.

Online Transfer Credit Evaluation

Create an account on the Transferology website to find out which college courses will transfer to APU’s professional undergraduate programs. Official evaluations are completed by the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

For students transferring to Azusa Pacific from partnering community colleges, the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) option offers a guaranteed pathway for admission into an APU major that is similar to the student’s ADT degree. Learn more about our ADT college partners and transfer plans.


Professional undergraduate transfers must submit transcripts from any and all colleges or universities attended in order to receive transfer credit. Prospective APU students (applicants) should submit their transcripts to the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. Please note that, while the admissions office will accept unofficial transcripts for admissions purposes, official transcripts must be sent to obtain transfer credit. Official transcripts must be sent to APU in a sealed, unopened envelope bearing the official logo or seal of the institution.

Transfer Credit Database

Use this course equivalency database as a guide to review any undergraduate coursework you completed outside Azusa Pacific University to determine if it is transferable to a professional undergraduate program at APU. Courses appearing in this database are approved for general transfer credit toward an undergraduate degree by the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

Transfer credit is not guaranteed based on a course appearing in this database. There may be restrictions not outlined in this database. Refer to the Graduate and Professional Catalog for full details regarding APU’s transfer credit policies and procedures.

If you are a prospective student, please note that you may submit transcripts for review as part of your application to determine course-to-course transferability. Transfer credit is only applied to a student’s record after admission and upon receipt of official transcripts. Consult your program representative for further information.

If you are a current student seeking to transfer additional units within the stated catalog policies, please note that you must also submit an official transcript for review and approval through the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar. Consult your academic records specialist for further information.

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